The Last 90 Days of 2019

Welp, here we are. The last 90 days of this decade.

That sunk deep when I saw someone point out it’s the LAST days of this decade. It was like something shifted in my heart and I felt a gust of wind breathe new life on the fire. I’m ready for this.

2019 has been a beautiful year. A year where God answered a lot of prayers and a year where he has been silent on others. We were offered Josh’s dream job, retired early from basketball life and started planting roots in Maui, Hawaii.

It’s been a complete whirlwind, but beyond that, one of the most successful years of my professional career as an influencer— and for that I’m so grateful God has give increase where it was needed. Thanks Lord!

As we close on the last 90 days of this year, I decided to fulfill a dream of mine and vlog all about it! I’m in this weird place of restoration: restoring my heart to the truth of God’s word, restoring community in my life after years overseas, and restoring my relationship with food. And I’m the kinda girl who feels feels… but wants to know the deeets of the journey. Not just hear what changed, but like how did you change? What did you do to facilitate the change? etc etc.

So here I am… baby vlogger just following her heart & passions inviting others along for the ride!

My goal is to post one video a day for the next 90 days. Some short & sweet, some lengthy and raw. Just share the journey, our journey and what God does over the last ounce of this decade.

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