Project: Sown with Strength Fit Club

for the beginner or the girl who needs accountability Turning the basics into lifestyle habits


Enrollment is now open: looking to get back in shape? Looking to heal your relationship with food? Not recognizing the girl in the mirror anymore? Ready to go all in becoming your healthiest self?

That’s exactly where I was when I started day 1 of my journey (pictured of me on the left in a Nordstrom’s dressing room after crying from how I felt about my body). There I I was a retired college athlete swallowed up with her corporate job who’s personal health was her last priority. I was uncomfortable in my skin, frustrated with the mirror and as a result turning to food to cope with the stress and frustration I felt.

I desperately needed someone to take me by the hand and say here’s how, come with me and let’s get you back to the confident, happy & healthy you!

This Is why I’ve created “Project: Sown with Strength” a Fit Club. It’s a private community where I will guide you through the basics of healthy living. So whether you are beginning day 1 of your journey or needing a tune up to get your confidence back, this bootcamp is for you!

We will focus on learning the basics of simple clean eating, committing to a daily 20-30 min workout, and reaping the benefits of what an accountability group can do for you.


  • This program is a beginner or intermediate program and IS perfect for anyone.

  • We will start with the same 21 day workout program I started with that helped me lay the right foundation to live a healthy life.

  • Each workout is different, and 20-30 minutes a piece (aka literally perfect for the busiest of women like me).

    • A mix of endurance & strength training (there is a modifier available too) with yoga & active recovery built in.

  • These workout can be done at home, or at your gym, whatever is more convenient for you and your schedule.

  • You can access to workouts on your phone, computer, tablet or Smart TV/device (Firestick, Roku, etc.)


There are 2 different options to sign up with ranging from $160-220. I personally purchased for myself the $220 option because it came with everything I needed: the plant based pre-workout I call “my unicorn juice”, the shakeology which has helped huge with my cravings & sweet tooth (which obvi was preventing me from getting results 🤪), and the post-workout protein for muscle recovery & development. The $160 option is a great place to begin as well; the only difference between the two is one comes with everything, the other comes with just one option: either the Shakeology or the Pre/Post workout. They both come with over 700+ different workouts streamed from our “Netflix” style app for a full year, weekly meal plans & nutrition training from me, access to my check in group for daily motivation & me as your coach checking in with you 1:1 😍🥳

Once you pick your pack, you will be sent a link from me to sign up and from there, you will:

  • Log your workouts and nutrition in our private community group to hold you accountable.

  • Get access to a nutrition guide, meal plans, personal development content and access to thousands of recipes.

  • Me checking in daily with you in our group, but also privately 1:1 to see how things are going.

  • Take weekly progress photos and measurements (these will be private).

  • Become apart of a community group where you can chat with others about their experiences, share tips and hold each other accountable

  • Receive the opportunity to earn a $25 gift card each week for checking in everyday.

Ready to enroll? Fill out this form and I will email you the next steps!

Looking forward to helping you accomplish your goals!

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