Have you ever considered doing what I do??


What is a “coach”?

Every morning I get to wake up to a job that fills me with passion & purpose. I have the freedom to live life the way I want to, decide what hours I work, and use the abilities/gifts God’s given me to help women thrive in their spiritual & physical health journeys!

I started this business while working a full time corporate finance job, while newly married, through 7 international moves! I eliminated excuses, the Instagram scrolling and the TV watching to build this six-figure business from home! And you can as well! 

Our job as coaches can be described simply: we work on ourselves and our health/fitness journey, and we help others do the same. We walk alongside people and support them, while leading by example. This business is 100% about supporting and inspiring other women on their health and fitness journeys! You don’t have to be at your ideal weight, be a social media expert, or have any special degrees or certifications!

All you need is heart, hustle, and wifi <3 


WHY TEAM Sown with Strength?

Team SWS is a team of faith-based, committed, resilient girl bosses passionate about building financial freedom & living purpose-driven lives. Our team is made up of wifeys, single babes, personal trainers, stay-at-home mommas, teachers, nurses, corporate gals, military spouses, etc from all walks of life with a heart to serve women in health & wellness. We squeeze business meetings in to our crazy schedules, push each other to live out our potential and support one another through the ups & downs of everyday life because we’re committed to making our dreams a reality. Yes, you will 100% be your own CEO but you will have the support of 100’s of other like-minded women who have been exactly where you are and can help you get your business up and running quickly! 

When you join Team SWS you are choosing to join a sisterhood! We are currently a TOP 11 TEAM in the entire network of over 450,000 teams! When you chose to join Sown with Strength you are immediately plugged into the network and trainings that have catapulted this team to the top. On top of weekly trainings and the support of our team page you will be enrolled in my one on one mentorship program. This means we will work together through video calls, team training calls, and email to ensure we get your business started quickly and help you reach your coaching goals.