Hey Girl Hey! My name’s Courtney


I was born & raised in Southern Ca, went to Westmont College on a cross-country & track scholarship. I always thought I'd meet my husband in college like my parents did, but the years passed and I found myself 24 living with my parents, totally single. I was very intentional about praying for my future husband & waiting for God's very best. It was trying, hard and uncomfortable to wait in hope & faith. But later in my 24th year of life, God answered this prayer of mine! I met my incredible husband when he followed me on Instagram and later messaged me that my heart for the Lord was super encouraging ;) I hit him back with Galatians 2:20 hehe.

Our love story is pretty popular and that's just because God wrote such a cool one through our waiting & prayer. After a couple months of talking virtually, I took the biggest risk of my life and flew to The Netherlands to meet him in person for the first time. He was in his second year playing professional basketball there, though he's originally from Australia. During that week, he blew me away with his intentional pursuit. He made it clear what he was looking for in a wife, and our dreams/wants lined up in a way only God could align.

Several video chats and a move to Sydney, Australia later, we got engaged & married. Then started our journey as husband & wife traveling around the world for his career in professional basketball. We moved all over the world! New Zealand, Bulgaria, Hungary, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, New Zealand again, and Japan. As I settled into life overseas with constant change, I found myself struggling with my purpose. Josh had this incredible purpose with basketball. But what was MY purpose?


This question led me to pray. Within a couple weeks, I was introduced to an opportunity to build community while helping women live healthy, sustainable lives. I couldn't believe I could build a business with a ministry foundation to help women grow in both physical & spiritual health. This opportunity gave me purpose everyday as we moved around and has radically transformed our life. Within a year, Josh and I were able to pay off all of my student loan debt. Over the course of 2.5 years, I built a full time income while serving women in an area that can be so challenging to navigate.

Josh recently retired early at the height of his professional basketball career to pursue a dream that God planted in his heart: sports ministry for kids. We are now planting roots in Maui, Hawaii. He is the Executive Director pioneering the expansion of a non-profit sports ministry for youth. I'm so thankful for the crazy ups & downs of my journey. It hasn't been perfect, but God has led & grown us through it all. I'm so glad I said yes to this wild journey. I'm the healthiest I've ever been and everyday I wake up to pay this forward to women who want the same freedom, health & purpose I've found.

I’m so glad you’re here & I can’t wait to serve you in anyway I can!

xo Court

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