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From personal experience, the best motivation comes from having a community walk your journey with you. As an athlete, I have been trained to be my best when I have a coach and a team behind me. That's what Sown with Strength is all about!

So what IS a Challenge Group?

An online SWS Challenge Group is an online fitness camp where people come together to get healthy and accomplish their personalized fitness goals by participating in a specialized Beach Body program! We believe that anyone can achieve a health, balanced lifestyle with the right combination of fitness, nutrition, and support!

SWS Challenges equip + empower each person to live their healthiest life in a sustainable, safe + effective way. We offer exclusive support, accountability, programing, and the details needed to build a Stronger [Mind, Body, Spirit].

How would you benefit from the online SWS Challenge Group?

Each individual who has participated in a SWS online fitness camp has seen results! How incredible is that?! You can read more about some of my specific clients testimonies by clicking here. The benefit of participating in our online fitness camps comes from the base of our groups.

We provide you with a workout plan, daily workouts suited to meet your individual needs, combined with an easy-to-follow nutrition guide based on portion fix! The value of this nutrition plan is geared toward teaching you how much to eat and what to eat in a safe, effective, sustainable way.

Apart from the tangible benefits of joining our program, you will also benefit from the support of our community as well as the focus on building a healthy life geared towards self-love. We believe health is more than the tangible, physical results. It lies also in the internal peace, confidence and self-love of an individual on their journey.

What kind of fitness is available through the SWS Challenge Group?

Do you enjoy sweating until there is a puddle on the ground? Do you prefer staying cool and focusing on balance? Or do you want to simply find a fun way to exercise? Whatever your preference or fitness goals, Sown with Strength offers challenge groups suited to any style of athlete... the body builder, the barre class enthusiast, the dancer, the cardio bunny, the newbie and more! Take a look at the specific options by clicking here. Over the past 16 months I've seen incredible results from 21 Day Fix Extreme, The Master's Hammer + Chisel (2 rounds), Body Beast, and now the BRAND NEW MMA/Kickboxing program called Core De Force!! I've never been healthier or stronger and finally my nutrition is BALANCED! Coming from a past of binge eating and restriction- this was huge for me! If you're looking for the same- JOIN US!!

What is Shakeology?
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I want to begin taking steps to a healthier me, what now?

You've just made the most courageous choice! You have given a voice to the strength within you- that you ARE capable of change, and you do NOT have to settle for less. Thank you- for putting your health as a high priority and recognizing the opportunity in front of you!

To contact me about joining the next challenge group, please fill out the form below and press submit! I will be in touch within the next 36 hours about your form! If you send an email to that you filled out the form, I will respond sooner!

Thank you! I am humbled + honored to walk alongside you as your Coach in this journey!

By His Strength,


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