Vegan Meal Plan + Fertility Tips

Sunday, 24 December 2017

So I wouldn't exactly same I'm vegan. However, in the past year, I've done a lot of research on the effects of our nutrition on our bodies. Pregnancy is one of the reasons my passion for nutrition has ignited. Hubby and I began trying to begin a family "unofficially" (you know that whole, "well, Ill just stop taking the pill and see what happens ;) ;)") yup that was us 2.5 years ago. After a solid 6 months of NOTHING happening, we decided to try more intentionally. And so began our frustration and battle with infertility. You can hear more about our infertility journey here.

In the past few months, I've come across quite a few resources that suggest taking animal protein out and focusing on eating whole, nutrient dense food. Apart from the animal protein, I have been eating fairly regularly thankfully in due to my job leading virtual bootcamps as a fitness coach! BUT, there was room for improvement. So here are a top things I've taken away from my readings and what I plan to focus on a little more intentionally in 2018... (***Keep in mind, I'm not a professional, not an expert, just a girl on a mission to learn, share, + make small adjustments to one day begin a family. There isn't a one size fits all solution for fertility. Diet plays a big role as I'm learning, but one thing may work for someone may not work for you)

1. Avoid Trans Fat (aka commercially prepared products + fast foods). Didn't think this would be a toughie, but turns out I grab stuff on the go ALL THE TIME for convenience sake. Even though I'm not hitting the Mickey-D's drive through- I'm DEFINITELY getting my fair share of trans-fat in **face-palm**. So step 1- NO MORE. 

2. Use more olive or canola oil and less coconut oil. This was one is debatable and controversial. Some experts say go with ketogenic and high fats like coconut oil. Others like The Fertility Diet suggest to steer clear. I've been using coconut oil for several years and I actually did several months of ketogenic-focused diet (higher fats less carbs) last year-- none of which worked for me. So I will opt to try this in 2018. 

3. Eat more vegetable proteins like beans and nuts and less animal protein. Again something I can work on even though I don't eat a lot of red meat anyway, I will definitely be focusing on more chick peas, beans, lentils and quinoa in 2018). 

4. Eat more whole grains and carbs with lower slower effects in blood sugar and insulin rather than highly refined carbs. (Which fun fact I learned... this also helps to reduce food cravings-- umm hello!! We wonder why we can't eat clean? Because we let these sneaky sugar-ridden refined carbs to sneak in every so often which spikes our craving for MORE sugar/fatty foods) This is something I need to work on a lot. I'm a recovering sugar-a-holic. For the most part I've been eating clean the past 2 years. However, every now and then whether it be emotional or what-have-you, I get a little overboard with cookies + chocolate. Note to self- putting baby first starts now). 

5. Take a multivitamin with folic acid and b vitamins. 

So keeping this in mind, I've decided to begin my mommy-prep by putting the baby first NOW :) Before he/she exists-- I will begin making sacrifices to put the baby first (isn't that motherhood?) starting with my diet. Below is a meal plan I've followed as prep going into our 80 day test group (more on that if you want to join us here):


One Pan Vegan Mexican Quinoa
One Pot Mediterranean Quinoa
Mushroom Risotto
Chickpea Sweet Potato Marsala
Vegan Alfredo
Fried Rice


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