December Goals: Finishing 2017 with Strength

Friday, 1 December 2017

So I'm back to blogging hehe... CONSISTENTLY.

Personally, I've been feeling a lack of something, and writing brings that something ya know? I LOVE making feelings come to life, I LOVE sharing my heart, and honestly pouring my thoughts, heart etc onto this corner of the world wide web is my therapy in many ways.

So why not kick off the LAST month we will ever have living in 2017 with clarity, commitment and focus? Who says you have to wait until the new year anyway?!

As I head into the home stretch of the new year, I know without a doubt, how I finish is determined by my focus + clarity. I read recently that goal-setting is really important for 5 reasons:

1. Goals give you focus.
2. Goals allow you to measure progress.
3. Goals keep you locked in and undistracted (love this one!).
4. Goals help you overcome procrastination-- DEFINITELY need a little help in this department.
5. Goals give you motivation.

So here we go...

December, you're going to be over before I know it. Another trip around the sun will come to completion, and 2018 will be in full swing. But before you leave, I have a few things I want to accomplish.

Health + Fitness Goals:

1. Drink enough eater everyday (currently severely lacking in this area and I can see it in my skin elasticity + hydration)... for me I'm committing to 4 Q a day. (2 large water bottles here)

2. Finish the last 2 final weeks of Hammer + Chisel (ALMOST finished woo hoo!!) Interested in learning more about my bootcamps, email me: I love love love helping people find balance with food + fitness. Then launch back into Insanity Max 30-- need a little more cardio in my life, and I won't lie my legs have never looked better on that program heyyyy ;)

3. Follow my PCC eating plan which allows me to live balanced, but focuses on enough of the right foods in my life-- super important to steer clear of my past with binge eating.

4. Check in everyday to my virtual fit bff club and lead my girls by example.

5. Run 3-4x a week + build mileague. I miss running-- but I need to set the goal or it won't happen.

6. Eat whole foods, no more processed foods (I know this affects my hormones and with trying to get pregnant everything matters)

Personal Goals:

1. Blog once a day even if it's just recapping my day-- I personally want to use this as a diary of sorts so I can see what I was doing when to get what results! Sometimes I look back at pics and I'm like how did I do that?! What was I eating? doing etc? This will be either super embarrassing by sharing the real behind the scenes or it will be enlightening + helpful. Hopefully the later hehe.

2. Finish two books: Girl Code + The Obstacle is the Way.

3. Shut my online life off when husband walks through the door. (Self-confessed work-a-holic here) Needing to be more intentional to shut off... this will reduce anxiety and constant attachment to the world.

4. Wake up at 5 am for my quiet time, business development + to set my heart + mind right.

5. Go out on a date with my husband every single week at least once if not as many times as he'll take me out hehe ;)

6. Positively encourage 2 people privately every single day with an intentional message.

Welp, for now those are my goals eeek!!

What are YOUR goals going into this new month??

I'm so excited to hear!

Live Sown with Strength,

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