Ditch the Sugar

Friday, 25 August 2017

hiii my name is courtney and im a cookie addict.
anytime life gets cray i turn to sugary foods. they're my comfort! and that's what happened in my move to japan this past week.... so before halloween candy gets the best of you or me, lets DITCH THE SUGAR THIS WEEK!!!! Fo freeeee 😉 

What to expect from this group?
1. Support!! This won’t be easy! But we are in this together and we aregoing to be supporting and holding each other accountable!
2. Information: Much research has gone into this group and I have learned so much about sugar!! Where it’s hidden, how our bodies metabolize it, why we need it, how much we should be having, how much are kids should be having!! I’m so excited to share what I have learned.
3. Daily workouts!!
4. Meal plans and Recipes!! I filled the files section full of sugar free recipes and a meal plan that you can test out!
5. Motivation! Like I said this won’t be easy- but I will share daily motivation to keep you pushing forward!!

First, fill this out so i can learn more about YOU: https://sownwithstrength.typeform.com/to/cej0GZ!!
Second, watch this video and follow the steps below: 

Steps to ACCESS EVERYTHING this group has to offer:

1. Set up your FREE 14 day trial account to access our daily workouts here (https://www.teambeachbody.com/tbbsignup/-/tbbsignup/free…) for access to our daily workouts. (**Make sure it has Courtney Duinker listed as your Referral Coach! You will put in cc info, but you will not be charged)

2. Add me as a friend on Facebook if you havent already: I'm the only Courtney Duinker (https://web.facebook.com/courtneyduinker

3. Click this link to join our Group where all the fun will be >>> https://web.facebook.com/groups/freesownwithstrength/

Lets do this!!

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  1. Haha!This is somewhat all of us,when life gets a little tiring all of us turn to sugary foods,because that is a comfort food.Stress eating is everyone's favourite thing to do!