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Sunday, 11 June 2017

I LOVE free things. Like if there's a race and I get a shirt just for doing it, or if there was an extra credit assignment I could do for classes, or even in my current business earning a prize each month by helping 3 people... IM ALL IN.

I love free.
I got it from my momma ;)

If you're like me, sometimes it's super nice to try things out before you make a full commitment. Like if I'm checking out gyms, I wanna a free trial to see if I want to lock in and make an investment into it. I FEEL you.. which is why I'm SO excited about this brand new opportunity to try out my bootcamps before investing into them!

To join us follow the below instructions:

1. Set up your FREE 14 day trial account here. (**Make sure it has Courtney Duinker listed as your Referral Coach!)
2. Add me as a friend on Facebook: I'm the only Courtney Duinker ;)
3. Request to join our FREE Bootcamp Support group here!

Can't wait to have you join us!! See ya on the inside ;)

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