Healthy Rice Side Dish

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Have you ever heard that you can't do carbs if you're trying to hit those fitness goals?! ME TOO! I'm like... uh... I don't know about that kinda lifestyle. Girlfran lovessss her some carbs. YA FEEL ME?!

Anywho... so when I realized that my eating plan not only allows carbs but says YES EAT IT... then you betcha I'm signing up for THAT kinda lifestyle. Because #carbsarebae ;) Since I've been on my health and fitness journey two years ago, I found out carbs were actually good but it was important to choose which ones wisely because they don't all have the same nutritional value. So I began to learn which ones were better for me to consume, and which I should leave in my old life!

As you can imagine, feeding a 6'10" professional athlete husband can bring a whole other challenge to the carb game. I need to make a lot of food, and it needs to be nutrient dense. One of the best recipes I JUST came across is this amazing healthy rice side dish! I ate this alone, but for my husband, I added in chicken with soy sauce for extra protein!

Ingredients Needed:

1           TBSP Olive Oil
2/3        Chopped onions
1           Large chopped carrot
3           Stalks chopped celery
1           Chopped red bell pepper
1/2        Small Package of Frozen Peas
1           Cup of Vegetable Broth
2           Cups of Brown Rice


Heat the oil in the pan. SauteĆ© all the chopped veggies (don't include the frozen peas) After the veggies have become slightly softened, add in the cooked rice. I get the microwavable little pods of brown rice from the store and in 1 minute in the microwave they're ready!! I add that rice to the pan, then add in the 1 cup of vegetable broth! This is when you can add those peas in ;) Let simmer and soak and cook a bit longer and DONE!!! 

Enjoy with meat of choice or like me, with no meat ;) 

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