How to Make Healthy Choices While Eating Out

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

How can you make healthy choices while eating out?? 


This is something I frequently wrestle with because let's face it, when I walk into a restaurant, my eyes INSTANTLY go to this... 

or the dessert section of the menu if they don't have a window case full of their goodies. It's only natural for me to want the cookie!! 

However, the past 2 weeks of living in a hotel, my husband and I have been on a mission to reverse my attachment to sugar. I'm focusing on tackling each meal seperately throughout my day and doing my best to make the best choice for my BODY based on it's needs versus my mental or emotional wants. 

Because for real, who is ever really satisfied with A cookie anyway?! Gimme the whole dozen right?! 

Even if cookies are not your thing and anything fried is, I want to help US learn how to navigate a menu like a pro! This is usually what I reserve for teaching in my online virtual bootcamps (which you can learn more about here), but if you're like me, WE need this kinda info!! So I'm sharing <3 div="" hehe="">

How to Navigate any menu like a pro------------>> 

A good rule of thumb is to make protein and produce the basis of your meals. It's easier to navigate a menu when you're looking for large servings of protein (chicken, fish, beef) and any sort of produce that appeals (salad, veggie sides, etc.). If you're aiming for health, most people find these parameters the easiest way to operate. 

Once you've made your protein choice start looking for the simplest sounding food on the menu. The idea is to eat simple food. Anything smothered in five types of cheese is not "simple." An edamame appetizer? Simple. Nachos with sour cream, beef, and cheese? Overload. Corn tortillas with black beans and sauteed vegetables? Simple. 

With these choices you can usually find something on the menu that's both appetizing and healthy. If you're still stuck then it's time to start asking your waiter questions. Shelve your pride and ask some questions. Often we avoid seeking information in restaurants in order to avoid being the high maintenance table. Servers memorize the menus for a reason, and you're purchasing a product. [Asking a question] ensures you're getting something you really want. 

You should always know precisely what you're putting into your body. A few concrete questions that are good to ask in nearly every circumstance: What can I get instead of fries? What vegetables can I get with that? Do you offer half portions? (also don’t be afraid to box up half the order before you even start to eat it… most of us continue to eat the huge portions even once we’re satisfied, just because it’s in front of us-- TOTALLY GUILTY OVER HERE!) 

Asking questions will only get you so far. At some restaurants you might also need to make substitutions. Tweak the menu with substitutions and requests even with knowledge of a menu you still might not find a super healthy option. When that's the case it's time to make substitutions and requests. This is surprisingly easy and only requires a few tweaks. Here are my top tips to do what I call "healthify" your meal!

1. Hold the butter: Restaurants often use more butter in your single meal than you probably do at home in an entire week. Asking them to hold off on it will cut the fat content. 

2. Skip the extras: Cheeses, bacon, or mayonnaise are all pretty enticing when you're ordering but most restaurants pack on more than a single serving which can add unneeded fat to your otherwise healthy meal. 

3. Find the best dips: Stick with dips like guacamole or hummus when you have the option. If you're not into stuffing up on bread he suggests asking for cucumbers in place of pita bread for dipping. 

4. Focus on cooking methods: Some menu change substitutions are pretty useless and you're best bet is to concentrate on cooking methods: You're better off getting items that are cooked healthfully (i.e.: grilled, broiled, etc) and then substituting healthier sides than trying to get someone in the kitchen to use 1 teaspoon of oil to cook your dish instead of 2 tablespoons. 

That's easy enough right?! 

Or something I like to do... try to google and make it your MISSION to find the healthiest food restaurant in the city you're at... look for places like Juice Presses, Farm to Table restaurants, Cafes, etc! 

Do you go out to eat a lot? What do you fall prey to more often: the fried or the sweet??
What’s your favorite restaurant and what’s a healthy option you can order there? 

Live Sown with Strength, 

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