Crying in a Bathroom Stall: Argentina Style

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Y'all WHAT?!!! STORY TIME!!!!😱😱

I'm so unworthy of Gods incredible blessings- but he has literally dropped my jaw in disbelief AGAIN with outblessing my hopes +prayers!!

Recently I've been asked if you can actually make an income with my job and my response to her was yes. Then I explained...the crazy thing is is this job is not just a job where you show up and get a paycheck. You actually have to work really hard and you actually have to show up and put your vision into life- YOU have to create it which is what I LOVE about this job! It's just like cross country races I ran in through high school and college.... the work I put in everyday dictates who wins the race. What I put into this business, I get out of it! It's truly that simple.

I show up everyday.
I follow the advice, wisdom and trainings of mentor coaches who have done this before me and paved the road to success. 
Literally, I monkey see... then I monkey do.

I've been working really hard with my team the last month to build a future for ourselves. To craft clear vision on where we all want to be in a year or two. 

We want freedom- financial, time, stress, family- ALLL kinds of freedom- for ourselves and our families. 

Now that we're becoming clear on our vision, I'm training them- here is how-to be successful- and they're DOING it. There's no guess work, there's no fluff or promise of a promotion with no return. 

You show up.
You work hard.
You do what the training says.
You work hard again but with patience.

It may or may not be known but Thursday is payday for me and I woke up this morning just super excited- and I actually forgot that it was Thursday! 😂 So I grabbed my computer and I decided I wanted to reward my coaches for hitting their goals in October. I pulled up and I ordered nine $25 gift cards.... I seriously was so excited because this was the first time that I was able to afford to give generously and not worry about my bills. Then I remembered that it was payday ha ha and I logged into my online office to look at what we did last week. 

My jaw literally dropped.
I hit a goal that I set for January today.
What the heck?!
God outdid me again I am so thankful and so amazed at him what in the world?!
I immediately went to wake up my husband and tell him the news and then I jumped on FaceTime with my dad who thankfully gets up early😂. Then I told him the news and his response was Courtney do you realize that you just made in one week what you used to make in one month?! 

Y'all I could have cried.
But I haven't yet😜because honestly there's still so much work to be done. I want my team to experience the joy and freedom Gods giving me- I am focused on paying this forward. 

To be honest, I'm not about being rich. I'm not about parading around what I earn. BUT I AM about living a life of freedom- setting up a life with my husband where we live debt free, I can be a stay at home (work from home) momma who's present to kiss away boo-boos and hold their hand the first day into kindergarten, and be THAT mom who's obnoxiously signing up to volunteer for everything. We all knew those mom's growing up- I want that with everything in me for my future babies. 

So today, as I saw numbers reflect back at me- numbers that still blow my mind- I don't see riches- I see my future babies- their annoyed face that I'm around AGAIN for their school or sports function. And when I see that eye roll, I will know the hard work today MATTERED. I'm right where I need to be. 

So the past 15 months of pouring out my heart on social media, building relationships with strangers, and helping women live healthy+fit+free lives even when it meant I slept 3-5 hours a night or I had to sacrifice hanging out with friends- I WILL KNOW EVERY SACRIFICE WAS WORTH IT. 

I can't get back time. 
I get that.
Which is why I'm living a few years now like most don't want to in order to create a lifetime unlike anyone else of years FILLED with nothin BUT time.

You don't have to know HOW; you JUST NEED TO KNOW WHY.

It's never too late to join me. Fill out this form and let's chat about what life YOU can create through this!

Thank you Crystal for choosing to reach out to a random girl on Instagram and changing her life forever!! I'm eternally grateful!!

Live Sown with Strength,

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