Faith Triumphs

Friday, 14 October 2016

I'm sitting here typing as he warms up for a game on the court in front of me. My mind peels back the memories in time to this day, this moment, on the left.

We were on a train bound for Paris, his surprise to me in our first week of meeting each other in person. 

I remember taking the picture hoping the adventures would last forever, that we would never have to say goodbye. 
I knew I wanted to marry him.
My whole heart said yes the minute his name popped up on my @instagram feed. Crazy, I know I thought so too. But God sometimes is SO loud and clear with His will it leaves you in awe- "like ok God, how ya gonna work that one out?"

But he responds, "oh ye of little faith"
I didn't know how this would work. He was a basketball player from Australia playing in Europe.
I was a college grad working for my home church, living in my parents house with student loan debt up to my ears.
It sounded impossible.
Looking back, I realize I didn't have to understand the how.

Anyway, back to this moment on the train...
In this moment, he asked me if I would be willing to live around the world with him if we moved forward in our relationship. 
I INSTANTLY said yes. 
Of course- a lifetime of travel, adventure and him... oh YAS😍
But as the conversation continued my heart squeezed.
How could I do that?
Would I want to leave my home?
Would I want to leave my job? 
I LOVED my job at the church! 
But reality was: I either walked forward in faith and said yes to leaving all I knew or I shut the door and said I couldn't because of fear in the unknown- how would I pay my bills? How would I work? What would my purpose be?

Fast forward a few months and I was on a one way ticket to Sydney, Australia. 
No job lined up.
About $2,000 in my bank account and a $500 student loan bill monthly.
The only thing I had lined up was a room to rent, and a boy waiting for me who had my whole heart. 
The first few weeks tested us- it took about 1-2 months to find a job. My savings nearly gone, God provided a way.
Obedience in faith first.
Provision second.
I worked a job that had incredible people but the hours and content of the job did nothing to feed my soul. 
But it was a paycheck that I needed. 
It was my manna.

6 months into our time down under, that man who found me via social media proposed and we got married 3 months later.

Just in time to move to New Zealand for the next basketball season as newlyweds. Thankfully, I was able to transfer my job to a sister company of the one in Australia. 
But I still worried.
What would happen if we went back to Europe? 
I started feeling anxiety over my purpose and calling in life.
I felt like somehow I got trapped into doing a job because it was a paycheck. It didn't feel purposeful, it didn't feel like my mission field and it definitely didn't ignite my soul.
But I showed up for the student loans.
I showed up because I didn't know I had another choice. 

It was at this time that we began to pray.
Pray for purpose to come into my life, pray for direction and work for me no matter our continent- because like I said...a $500 bill had my name on it monthly. 
A few weeks went by and then out of nowhere I received a message via Instagram that would unknowingly change my life forever. 
It was our answer to prayer.
A lady I'd never met saw something in me I didn't quite see yet. And it actually took me 6 months before I saw what she saw in me. But she never gave up and showed me what was possible through a company called Beachbody. 

I know what you're thinking and it's nothing I've never thought before- trust me! 
Pyramid scheme...
No time...
No money...

You name it, i had thought it. 
But I couldn't ignore one thing... if everything this lady was sharing via social media was true- it would be everything I was ever praying for in a "job".
So I explored the option. I kept my reservations and researched my concerns. 
What I found out my doubts and fears to rest.
So I took a leap. 
God said this is what I've called you to- now was my opportunity to say yes. 
So I jumped. 
Two feet.
Allllll the way in.
Fast forward 15 months later here I am.
Sitting, typing, and reminiscing on the couple a few years ago who wanted nothing more than to be together. 
Who dreamed of the day they could travel the world together because of basketball. 
Who shared their hopes and dreams for their life believing without a doubt Gods purpose was to USE them- everywhere, every country every culture. 
They were his vessels- so they prayed, they trusted, they took step of faith after step of faith and walked in obedience.
God provided.
Despite he impossibility it seemed at the time... god PROVIDED.
I always had enough money to cover my student loans. I now have a job that infuses my soul with purpose and passion like never before and the crazies thing of all is its mobile! I take it with me- to every country and continent we're sent to. 
My purpose, my passion, my mission... my business goes with me.
A gift I never thought would be mine.
A journey I could never have mapped out.
A husband I had only dreamed and prayed over for years who at times I thought was a figment of my imagination.

Never let the impossibility of a situation dictate your footsteps. 
Faith should ALWAYS triumph.
Let God BE God and turn your mountains to mole hills.

Let him take a broke college grad with crazy debt to countries she's never been before marry a man who grew up in a different continent then her and turn her into a debt free wife liberated with passion, purpose and fire for a job that changed her life in every aspect of the word. 

Let him DO the impossible.
Let him DO God.
Release your fears.
Hand over your dreams.
Pray unrelenting with hands up, palms open.
Look for moments to exercise faith.
Cling tight when it feels scary.
And breathe in His presence as He tenderly answers your prayers, carving a way out through the desert and blows your freaking mind with His abilities!! 

If you read this and you think, "wow, I want that- that freedom, that purpose she has..." please girl, REACH OUT! I was given this opportunity and I want to pass it on to others who feel their life and mission are very similar to mine!! You can request for more details at this link:

You don't have to stay where you are.

Choose to live a life sown with strength,

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