Week 1 Recap: Diet Bet Health Challenge

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


That first week went by in a BLAZE OF GLORY!! But seriously that came and went SO fast!! But I have loved every minute of this challenge. 

So to recap, I am participating in THIS bet through Beachbody because lets be honest- who CAN'T benefit from a piece of the $2 million dollar post huh?! Ammi right!? Ammi right?! (Sorry She's the Man quote- can't blame for throwing that one out there ;) 

So here I am with only 2 requirements: workout daily and log it only 3x a week and drinking my Shakeology daily but logging it only 5x a week in our My Challenger Beachbody App- how easy is that?! I know- I'm keeping my eye on the prize!! ;)

So my current game plan:
workouts: weight lifting and yoga through Beachbody
meal plan: 21 Day Fix Extreme PFC system

And I'm playing around with this meal plan by trying to have majority of my days during the week where I only eat my "yellow" container or "carb" in the morning! Then I am focusing on protein and veggies for lunch and dinner the rest of the day. By doing this, I'm focusing on finding what my body responds to best! That's the hope anyway!

So far, I've got my workouts in 6 days a week and my shako LOGGED!! And DRRRUMM ROLLL PLEASEEE.... here is my one week results so far:

JUST KIDDING ;) Here we go.....

So far- I'm pleased I'm leaning out. At the end of the day I've read over and over that abs are truly made in the kitchen- so I'm working on this and really focusing on nutrition! All about experimenting with your body to see how it responds- there truly is no one size fits all.

Interested in joining me?! I'd love to help you reach YOUR goals and transform YOUR body!! Email me to get started: courtney@sownwithstrength.com or fill THIS form out!

Live Sown with Strength Friends,

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