Talk is Cheap: 5 ways to stay COMMITTED

Monday, 19 September 2016

Talk is cheap.

I've heard that a million bajillion times (eye roll). But isn't it so true?!? Like, I don't really want to hear that from someone in regards to one of my goals because it tells me that I'm just talking and not actually walking. And this is something I must own up to- I feel like this has been me the past few months when I go to really clean up my diet, I get all jazzed up believing I can LITERALLY do anything I set my mind to, I gab on and on and on to my husband about how AWESOME i'll be for accomplishing it and then two days in- I TANK.

Like the ball hit the bullseye, I fall in the dunk tank kinda tank.
Yea- tell me about it. Totally NOT FUN!

Especially when the next time you go to talk to your hubs about how PSYCHED you are about starting to clean up your diet on Monday and he just kinda looks at you with a tilted head half-smiling while his eyes say "uh huh.. uh huh.." but you've wasted your 9 lives and now he doesn't believe you??

That's the WORST.

So here I am.
Not TALKING about the changes I'm making... Nope. Not me. Not this time.
I'm WALKING; and nixing the talking and so I wanted to share with YOU ma soul sista fran- my 5 ways to stay COMMITTED.

Because girl- we are day 1... usually day 2 is TANK day but with this new approach, I'm staying ON POINT. Here's how:

1. Recognize WHY you haven't followed through in the past. 

Sounds simple right?! It's like you know what to do and not do- SO DONT DO THE THINGS YOURE NOT! LOL But the reality is I don't always listen to my best advice ;) Part of the reason I fall off the bandwagon is because I get so excited, I set unrealistic expectations, I have no back-up plan when I'm in mayday mode! Aka if my goal is not to eat cookies, yet I have cookies in my house- probably setting myself up for failure right?! So don't trip yourself before the gun to the start of the race even goes off!!

2. Focus on TODAY. 

I'm such a panicker... not even sure that's a word but girl we are making it a word. It is near impossible for me to not panic about tomorrow if today isn't going well. And if I start thinking about tomorrow, then FOR SURE today will tank. So I've found that if I focus on one day at a time, small ACTION steps can lead to what my team and I like to call the "compound effect" basically small actions over time lead to huge results in the end. Not a quick fix- it's a lifestyle. So if I focus on winning today- I'm that much closer to winning tomorrow.

3. Set realistic goals. 

I am nahhh-torious for being a jump all in with two feet, fully clothed kinda person only to realize I in fact don't swim- catch my drift? So here I am, saying oh yea I'm going sugar free for a year only to realize that's not really a realistic expectation. I'm once again setting myself up for failure. So- what to do for us big dream, no anchor kinda people? We need help setting realistic goals. So instead of saying no sweets, no sugar etc- I now am saying I'm committed to following this meal plan. That way I'm committed to a structure and not just a pie-in-the-sky idea that sounds really incredible to accomplish. Because girrrrl- no can do with no sugar! ;)

4. Remember WHY you started. 

Similar to the first way- it's important to not just know what has held you back in the past, but to know why you wanted to do this in the first place. People stop eating right or exercising daily or hitting their daily goals because their current "feels" has them like "this is torture", "this is impossible", "I'm done". AKA they forget why they started in the first place. You have to have a WHY- a DEEP why, one that will keep you coming back for more when you get knocked down. For me, it can't be superficial. It has to be about people, or things, or a want that I would literally walk through fire for. Like your kid's on the opposite building and you have to jump 5 ft to hopefully make it there in time to save your baby from the burning build- you would do that without even hesitating to assess the safety risk in taking the leap. Because your why is stronger than anything that might come in you way. When you make a commitment- you need a strong why.

5. Back yourself. 

You will never succeed at anything you try until you learn what it means to back yourself. I worked for a bank CEO a couple years ago and one thing she engrained in me for her roadmap to success, "learn how to back yourself". There will undoubtedly be haters. There will be accusers and boat-rockers and naysayers and debby-downers... it's just part of the journey. But those people will either paralyze you on your way to the top or they will simply be a token of pride because they're words never broke you- only made you stronger. You have to believe 110% in yourself- that YOU will succeed because YOU will believe in yourself- no matter what- even if you're the only one standing behind you. Josh may roll his eyes at me occasionally when I talk the talk of big change- but I know I'm my biggest advocate. There isn't a shadow of doubt in my mind of what I'm capable of- that is backing myself.

So what commitment are you working on keeping?
A relationship?
A diet?
An exercise plan?

Whatever it is- apply these 5 things and I KNOW that you will have the results you are seeking!!

Live Sown with Strength,

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