Possible Is All You Need

Thursday, 1 September 2016

A lot has changed over the past few years.

I came across this top photo throwback while I was home and I was shocked. My face is super puffy, my hair looks dry and brittle and my skin isn't clear. Might seem like "exterior" issues we all go through but the truth is they all are a side effect of internal struggles.

I had just returned home from living overseas my first time. I had no clue how to handle my feelings of missing home... I took to eating and making comfort foods. I would make batches of cookies, I would make batches of pancakes and eat all of them. It's embarrassing but I'm not ashamed to share where I've been because it reveals how far God has brought me.

On the bottom is a photo from this summer. Today, I'm sitting in my sixth country I've lived in overseas. And I'm healed. Healed from seeking comfort in food, and making it my idol. I've come to a place of balance with both food and fitness. Living in a new country is still hard to adjust to. It's still hard to miss the comforts of home, and my friends and family. But today, I have a community of women walking alongside me. As a coach, I have a sisterhood who keeps me accountable, keeps me on track, keeps me learning, and believing God has equipped me for this calling of living overseas.

Change takes time.
It takes surrender of control.
It takes a community of support, accountability and encouragement.
It takes patience.
It takes hard work, extra creativity, and a commitment of the will.
But it's POSSIBLE. 
It's possible to STOP seeking comfort in food. 
It's possible to let go of the idols in your life. 
It's possible, and sometimes that's all you need to know when you're in that stage. 
Choosing to change is worth every effort.
Every sacrifice.
Every prayer.
Every change you make.

Hear more about my story and how change can happen for you as well:https://www.facebook.com/groups/306181866406407/

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