SWS takes Nashville: Part 1

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Sitting here in the Denver Airport on a layover to Nashville... And all I keep doing is thinking how AMAZED I am that this is Em- RIGHT NOW I am enroute to Nashville, TN!! A place I've been dying to see since I could first sing a country music song. 

Weird... But I legit feel like I have always been meant to live here!! While I'm not quite packing up to move, I am visiting. A visit I worked hard to earn- a conference I earned because I set my mind and hands to achieve this goal! 

In June 2015 I first became a coach. All the coaches were talking about this "summit" event happening in July! As I learned more about my new role and job, I realized I couldn't attend that years but I could earn my way to this years by hitting specific targets in my new business. So I set my sights and for three months, I showed up, I did our daily team training for 3weeks and applied all that I learned. 

I had NO clue what I was doing. I just knew where I wanted to end up. So I learned, and worked double time. I didn't do anything crazy or special. I simply shared my journey- what programs I was doing, why I decided to become a fitness coach and how my life was going to change as a result. I made new friends, found incredible men and women to join me on my mission, and month by month I hit goal after goal. 

I kept it simple. 
I kept learning.
I kept advancing my goals.
I kept my sights fixed on the vision I had.

Twelve months later, I'm here. 
I'm waiting for the final flight to head to the one place I was focused on getting to for 365+ days. 

And not only do I get to go- I have earned all sorts of awards, opportunities and exclusive events I didn't even know about until this month!!! 

I cannot share it enough- this job is changing my life; it's changing my family's life; it's changing our finances, my marriage, the time we spend together is increasing, the opportunities we have are broadening, and the joy and purpose I get everyday to show up for work blows my mind. 

When I graduated college, I didn't know this was possible. I didn't realize I could actually work a job I was obsessed with and still live my own schedule, be my own boss and make money!! I'm so thankful for my job and this opportunity that I want to pay it forward! I will be opening up 5 spots on my team for the month of August to personally mentor in starting their own business! 

If you love helping others, you enjoy fitness or at least want to become healthier and stop yo-yo dieting, then consider joining my next mentorships!! 

For more info email me: sownwithstrength@gmail.com and title the email "August mentorship".

I can't wait to share with you more specifics so that you can determine if joining Sown with Strength is right for you! 

Live sown with strength always,

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