IM30 Day 1: Resisting Temptation

Monday, 25 July 2016

You know what's hard?? 

Saying no... To donuts. 

Yea- did you just drool? Me too!! I think one of hardest things is saying no to dessert or sugar- it truly does become an addiction!! 

Anywhooo, so here I am.. Looking to get BACK on track with my nutrition while starting a brand new program...when WHAM!! 

Day 1, meal workout and
THESE were sitting there GLARING AT ME!! 

Really Lord? Just like that?? 

Alright... Trial by fire here we go! 

So I put my big girl pants on and said a hard NO!! 

Turned and enjoyed my 2 scrambled eggs and 3 slices of cantaloupe (which BTW am I the only one OBSESSED with that fruit?? SUH GUD!) 

And carried on my way out the door to work. 

I'm working basketball camps with my husband and I've had the opportunity to make the excuse that I don't want to spend extra money on lunch since chips and sandwiches are provided- but that won't get me closer to my goals will it??

So instead, I took the extra effort to head to Albertsons and make my own salad at their salad bar with ALL the right nutrition-plan approved foods!! 

Here's what I had and it was AMAZING!! 

Oh PS... Non-scale victory... I used to hate kale- or so I thought simply because it was green. Then with all my health changes I decided to ACTUALLY try it!! 

So here I am... EATING FREAKIN KALE!! All because I threw my misconceptions out the window and DECIDED TO JUST TRY!! 

Sometimes, a willing spirit is all we need to find out we can soar!! 

Live Sown with Strength,

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