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Saturday, 23 July 2016

So I talk on and on about my job... I know some of you guys have been thinking is it even real??!?! Has Courtney gone off the deep end??

Heck that's what I thought about my coach before I knew a thing about it!! (sorry crystal ;) lol) All I saw was she loved her job, but it was NOT for me. I wasn't a sales person, or interested in a pyramid scheme. (hey just keepin it real here). 

But then, I stopped for a moment to learn more. So for everyone who's just as nosey as me ;) I've got an awesome event I'm hosting next week where you can come be as curious or nosey as you want while checking out what my team and I really do- besides workout, take selfies, drink smoothies and gab on and on about our job love ;) 

Join me for 5 days to get the inside scoop!! 

You will get to hear my story, and meet the incredible people I call my team! We will share with you how our lives have impacted by coaching, what we do everyday, what is required to be a coach, and what makes a successful coach! 

Just a little hint... Josh and I were able to pay for our flights to visit California during Christmas and cover our bills at home monthly with my income as a coach! Not to mention, I can do push-ups now- hellooo that's SO COOL! Plus, I've been challenged to learn who God has called me to be, what type of leader He's calling me to grow into, and how to boldly live my life casting off the weight of other's opinions (which kinda used to paralyze me)! So come find out how all that could possibly be a side effect of becoming a coach by JOINING THE GROUP!! 

Maybe you don't believe me, maybe you're like psh, nah Court, that's not a full time gig or sustainable.... well I'd love for you to check it out anyway- there is no obligation and the worst that could happen is you learn something about my job and start enjoying my selfies a little more because you see the why behind it ;) hehe

JOIN ME! Please email "" with the title "fly on the wall" and I can add you to the group! Can't wait!!

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