Called to Belong

Sunday, 17 July 2016

This morning my devotional stated: "You were called to belong, not just believe

We are created for community, fashioned for fellowship, and formed for a family, and none of us can fulfill God’s purposes by ourselves."

Wow! Do you ever feel like you don't belong? Like everyone's got their "squad" but you? I did.

I will never forget what it felt like to move cities and schools going into 7th grade. I had no friends and no clue really how to make friends with people who I hadn't grown up with. But the one place I found comfort and community was through church. 

Many people ask my parents what they did to raise us kids (apparently some thing we turned out alright 😜)... And without fail they say "we kept them in church and youth group no matter what".

This is why I LOVE being a coach now. Just as God has created Christians for community, men and women were also created for community for support! We weren't created to accomplish our goals on our own! 

Sown with Strength is that sorority, fraternity feeling community for those looking to live their healthiest and BEST lives! We support one another, we challenge one another, we laugh with one another, we cry with one another and overall we make sure we're better because we're together. 

Thankful this Sunday for each woman and man I've had the privilege and joy of meeting through this job, but even more so for the ones who are sitting right by me arms linked chasing that golden light of our dreams!! 💕❤️

Looking for a community like this?? Shoot me a message! I'd love to welcome you into our people!!

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