Transformation Tuesday: ONE YEAR-VERSARY

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Living healthy.
In all areas of life; faith, nutrition, fitness, debt, free, wife, friend and travel.

I want to sow health into my life through the strength I've been equipped with by God. I want to tap into the strength I've been given as a wife, as a healthy eater, as a fit woman, as a traveler, as an educated woman, as a woman of faith and help others do the same.

Share my story, build a community; this was my hope- my desire. Not a business, but a space of belonging where people can be equipped to be healthy in all aspects of life.

This was my heart, my passion, my dream.
One Year Ago Today.

On that day, my 26th Birthday... God took that dream and transformed it into reality.

I remember...
My hands shook, my heart beat wildly.
He called my name. MY name.

He painted a vision.
He spoke to my heart.
He soothed my fears.
He refreshed my faith.

It was my move. A choice to make... on the edge of the cliff, I teetered. His Grace whispered, "follow me".

Those words; His breath of life, filled my lungs and delivered my soul. There was no turning back. I belonged. I was called and equipped. I was His.

So I jumped.
Two feet.
All in, feeling ill-equipped but trusting His provision.

"When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus." (Acts 4:13)

This is the God we serve.
He's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.
If He can do mighty things through Peter and John, He can use me. He can use you.

The past year He has blown my mind with the ways He alone has worked through me! The day I bit the bullet and decided to jump into the unknown and build my wings was exactly 365 days ago. I had NO clue what to expect in the days ahead of me, but I remember my desire for change and the burn for my dreams was strong. I had to jump. Which is why I chose to start my business on my birthday. I knew I wanted the new year of life to coincide with my enormous dreams- I wanted to DIVE IN to my 26the year of life.

Now at 27 I can honestly say it's the best decision I've made in my life apart from choosing Jesus Christ to be my Savior, which college I attended, and marrying Josh.

When I jumped, I hit the ground running. The last thing I wanted to do was lose money with this new "job". I think a lot of people have that fear when they are presented with an opportunity like Beachbody. But the simple way to avoid that is treating it like a business you've essentially invest millions in. When you adjust your perspective, you will do whatever it takes to make sure you're helping others each month. That and loads of prayer ;)

So what has my journey been like the past 12 months?? Have I been successful? What has my income progression look like? Do I like it? I want to be full transparent with you about my experience so far because...

I LOVE my job- in case that wasn't apparent in my social media ;) Here are a few highlights of what this year has held as a coach for me:
-I have grown my business to be over 60+ coaches and counting!
-Every month since I started, I've helped upwards of 5 people begin their health journeys.
-I have become stronger, mentally by letting go of my fear or concern of other's opinions.
-I have had setbacks that felt crushing at times.
-I have become more clear on my purpose and calling in this life.
-My faith has grown because I have to trust God to provide.
-I have daily purpose while living overseas and moving around the world for basketball.
-I have time freedom to work when I want.
-What I put into my job, I get out.
-I've replaced my corporate income.
-I pay for our bills each month with my income.
-I've earned trips, rewards, gift cards, and accolades for hitting my goals.
-I have met the most incredible people in the world who are now my teammates!
-I get to hear other people's stories and hear what they're passionate about.
-I mentor others to realize their goals + dreams!
-I have gotten stronger + fitter.
-I have started eating cleaner and can actually stick to my nutrition plan because of Shakeology.
-I've watched person after person get healthier, lose weight, get stronger, and find confidence in their own skin they hadn't had before.
-I have a platform to share Jesus.
-I get to be creative, and combine my passions.

I'm a better wife.
I'm a healthier person.
My husband and I are going to be debt free this Summer instead of in 15 years.
We have a savings.
We have the financial freedom and flexibility to travel.

God is glorified in an area of my life that I thought I was ill-equiped. I love watching God move!! And what I've experienced is not exclusive to just me! I'm paying it forward to my coaches and now THEYRE seeing success!! You can be apart of our amazing culture and team too!!

Interested or have questions about what I do or seeing any of the same things in your life? Apply for more details here:

Live Sown with Strength, 

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