Made with Strength: A New Mom's Story

Monday, 6 June 2016

Kelly is one of my best and truest friends. I will never forget the first time I met her, it was like she was magnetic- everyone wanted to be around her more because she's so full of light, joy, and radiates love in generous amounts. She can walk into a room full of strangers, and walk out with 100 new best friends- with each person feeling personally accepted, loved and intentionally known by her. To put it as simply as I can, you want to know Kelly, you want to have her in your life and you'll find having her as a friend is one of life's greatest treasures! Which is why I'm so thankful she recreated with one of my other favorite people hehe ;) Because now that love, that spirit, that joy and light can continue to spread to more and more people. I asked Kel to write for my Monday Made with Strength Series- I knew it would be a challenge beacuse she's balancing so much, but I wanted her to reach women I don't have the opportunity to quite yet- new, or expecting mommas. To offer them a bit of hope midst the sleepless nights, and endless diaper changes. Thank you Kel for pressing in to the hard, and offering a piece of your heart!

Let me just start by saying I am not a professional writer, and if I'm being real it is a bit daunting to be honest in this season of life as a new mom who is trying to figure out what the heck she's doing! But I write my stories in hopes that this will encourage other women or moms who are or will be in the same stage of life and need a little encouragement.

The Birth: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Can I get an amen! Noah took 24 hours to exit my body, yes it was magical and truly a miracle and absolutely the most painful thing I have done. However, I remember repeating to myself that women have done this for years before me and have decided to even do it again, so it must be worth it. And friends let me tell you~ It. So. Is. For anyone who does not believe there is a God I just ask you to look at how a human is grown in the womb and born. That miracle alone is proof in something so much greater than us. And I have been amazed more and more each day at how this little being is here for such an amazing purpose.

My Husband: I believe one of those purposes was to teach my husband and I what true selflessness looks like. The other day was a particularly long day. The kind where you look at the clock and it feels like time is actually moving backwards. I was in the middle of trying to make wedding flowers while rocking a screaming baby and prepping a warm up dinner. I was dying for my husband to get home. The minute he walked in the door I just lost it. In my rambling I hadn't even realized he had gotten Noah changed, in his car seat, put on my favorite music and took Noah with him for a long run so I could have a break. In the quietness of the room I just burst into tears. That is true love. I should also say that this was after a week of him waking up at 4am to go to work so that he could be back in time to take care of Noah for me to do my work. These are the times God is refining us into being more like Him. to put down our own desires to serve each other. Marriage is a daily choice to move closer together or further apart and having a baby seems like an easy excuse for the latter. And this is not to say that every day is perfect, but its just cool to see how God is refining our marriage.

All Moms: You inspire me. It brings a whole new meaning to unconditional love when you have experience late night feedings, MANY poopie diapers, 1 minute showers, and sweatpants. I literally walked out of the house the other day with acne cream all over my face without even knowing it. Since having a baby I have been overwhelmed with the realization that God has entrusted me with a human being to raise. As I practice giving up a lot of my own desires as a new mom I am quickly reminded how I am being refined and used for a greater purpose. To look beyond this quickly fleeting world and see what really matters. Its not about getting the baby weight off fast, making sure the house looks put together, or trying to look like I have it all together. It's just about enjoying this short time that God has given me with this little one and praying that I raise him well.

My first outing: I was so determined to prove to myself that I could do it. That first outing by yourself it a mix of complete fear and determination. Noah's first doctors appointment started with me in the parking lot trying figure out how to open the stroller, realizing I couldn't do it I lugged the car seat all the way to the doctors office. The next few minutes I honestly cant tell you what happened, probably because of sleep deprivation, but cut to the appointment having ended with pee in my hair, poop all over the doctors table and me nursing him in a chair crying asking myself "did I just make the biggest mistake in thinking that I could be a mom?" I tell this story one so that other moms feel a bit better about themselves but also because it did get better. Although I would be lying to say that those doubts don't still creep in every once in a while, I have been amazed at what I am capable of and the confidence God has given me in His promise that he will never give me more than I can handle.

Being a new mom is no joke, and writing about it when in the thick of it is not easy, but I hope this encourages someone out there who is feeling overwhelmed or in a tough time.

Best. Kelly

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