Listen and Love

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The world scares me sometimes.
People scare me sometimes.
More and more I find myself wondering how can some people be so callused to love? To life? To the future? And to hope? 

It's hard isn't it? 
When you feel threatened?
When your loved ones are threatened? 

I think it brings out the fight in all of us.
We will tear down anything and anyone for protection.

This is where I struggle. 
What world will my daughter grow up in?
What obstacles will my son face as a protector, as a man?
What was that gunman feeling? Thinking? 

Why was life so invaluable to him he felt the need to take not just his, not just his victims, but steal life from the victims families? From their loved ones? 

It hurts me.
Did no one listen to him?
Did he feel unheard? Misunderstood? 
Did he struggle within and cried for help but his cries were masked by a seemingly normal life.? 

I know everyone wants to hate someone. 
To blame someone. 
To be angry and hold the gunman responsible. 
But what if instead of blaming or condemning we saw what we might be missing?
A drowned soul weary of life.
Maybe if we stop pointing fingers we might come to love those who are different than us?

Maybe in my search for a "safe" world, I can lay down differences I have with other communities and simply love, simply listen. 
Maybe in search of surviving another day, I can lay down my assumptions and criticisms of other religions and listen. 

I may not be able to change the color of my skin, but I can listen with an open heart and mind to my friends who have experienced racism.

I may have a traditional belief and understanding of marriage according to the Bible, but I can listen to my gay friends and love them despite our different beliefs.

I may not be Muslim, but I can listen to how extremists are creating opposition + hatred to the faith of friends who are. 

I may be different than you, see the world from a different lens, but I can get to know you, see you, hear you and love you.

I can change the world with an act of love over self-righteousness or ignorance; and so can you. 

I believe in hope.
I believe in change.
I believe that there is good in the world.
I believe in love.
I believe in redemption.

After all.....all most of us want is to be truly heard. 

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