How to Get Back on Track with Your Nutrition

Thursday, 23 June 2016

As I shared today on my Instagram, my nutrition has been sub par. I'm currently living on the go visiting family this Summer during the Basketball off-season making it complicated to stay on track with my nutrition. Especially when I'm not in my own home- that's so hard because the kitchen and grocery shopping isn't necessarily in my hands.

BUT at some point, you get tired of excuses and remember that you can't out-exercise a bad diet...and it's time to change things.  So how am I changing things for me? GOOD QUESTION!!

I will be implementing a nutrition program that has always worked: the 21 Fix Extreme Eating Plan! This plan is mean to slingshot your results which is so important for me right now because I am OFFICIALLY 35 days out from meeting my team in person in NASHVILLE!!!! I'm so focused on changing these habits and making some changes before that trip- anyone want to join me!?!

Here are the rules:

1. 100% Clean Eating, No Cheats, No Treats.
2. PORTION CONTROL using my portion fixed containers.
3. Eat 6 meals 2 hours apart with all my fruit and carbs before 6 pm
4. For the final week until the event, eat 8 meals according to the Countdown to Competition.
5. Daily Workout with 21 Day Fix Extreme.

I am starting today and I can't wait to see the results!! Let's do this!!!

The important thing when you fall off the wagon is to not severely restrict- you need to simply jump back into a healthy eating pattern and not try to make up for the lack of healthy choices. If you just jump right back into portion control and 100% clean eating- the results will come.

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