Dear Self...

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Dear 18 year old self,

Who saw all her flaws and never her beauty, 
Who ached when Facebook came out and she was now constantly reminded of her relationship status,
Who thought choosing a guy over a friend was actually the wise thing to do,

I wish I could tell you what's to come in the next 8 years.

I wish I could encourage you to not be sad because you're single, but to rejoice because your prince is coming (and whew is he HOT!)

I wish I could advise you to be excited for what Gods doing in your life more than who might ask you out.

I wish I could help you cling to your friendships and cherish this season. 

This too shall pass...But you've learned...

Dear 20 year old self,

Who played Taylor Swift on repeat through months of heartbreak,
Who was yet to be kissed,
Who finally cherished those friendships and starting taking chances,

I'm sorry. 
I'm so sorry he broke your heart. 
I'm sorry you thought he maybe could be forever, but it went down in flames. 
I wish I could ease those tears by showing you this picture- the joy you'll have in 6 years time. 
I'm thankful you waited on kissing.
I'm thankful you never drank alchohol or partied. 
I'm thankful I can smile at my college days and believe Gods hand was protecting me. 
I simply wish I could help you believe more in times of doubt, when you felt unsure if you were doing the right things. 
Peoples opinions can be heavy, but you will out grow their weight and find such comfort in your identity- just wait...

Dear 24 year old self,

Who worked full time,
Who lived at home,
Who saw what she wanted but didn't know how to get it,
Who loved others with such joy and found deep friendship in the church, 
Who was constantly told you'll never get married if you never stop being picky,

I'm proud of you. 
You've waited so, so long. 
Your heart is so set, and God will act. 
I know some days you break,
No one sees the pain behind the smile, but you keep bringing that to the foot of Jesus and you're EXPERIENCING His provision. 
Even now he's working, you just can't see it yet. 
He will move in ways you couldn't imagine, take heart, he's moving! 
Thank you for not settling with those guys who tried dating you; you had a heart instinct, and God rewarded your discernment and patience.

Dear 26 year old self,

What a run its been so far.
You are everything I was praying to be from years ago. 
You have found a boldness,
You have created a business on your own, 
You have discovered a passion and turned it into your purpose and ministry.
You waited and you're MARRIED!! To the absolute man of your dreams. 
Everyday you wake up so thankful he chose you, and that he even existed! 

I don't know what the next years will hold, but I believe in their beauty. 
I believe in their ability to leave you speechless in retrospect.
God is doing something in your midst.
Hold tight in the dark days, 
Hold firm when things test your foundation,
Never stop believing #thebestisyettocome

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