Tuesday Tips: How to Pursue Success While Living on Mission as a Christian

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Where's the line between wanting numbers success and focusing on your God-given purpose? 

I struggle with this a lot.

I'm SUPER competitive and have the desire to be the best. When I was younger, that led to arrogance often. Which led me to get in trouble. After feeling like I was punished for my desire for success, I started running from anything that might flare up in me that fleshly passion. 

God didn't let me get off that easy though! He brought me a job that I was specifically called to AND involved success+numbers. The past 10 months I've been trying to find peace with wanting to be the best but not being only about the numbers or on the flip side being about Gods kingdom and the purpose he's called me to without NOT caring about having no success. 

Some months I feel super successful but ask myself what did I do for Gods kingdom? And other months I'm missing my business markets for success but I've had a lot of kingdom building conversations. 

So last night I talked it through my husband as we got ready for bed...
Where do you find the balance? How do you draw the line?

Here are two key tips to pursuing success with eternity in mind:

Live Sown with Strength, 

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