Transformation Tuesday: SWS Client turned Coach Spotlight

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I'm so excited to share with you my amazing client turned coach's 21 Day Fix + 22 Hard Corps testimonial for today's Transformation Tuesday!! Every month I offer online fitness camps to individuals with health + fitness goals. Some have goals to build muscle, others weight loss, and still others are just looking to change up their routine. This woman in particular started as a client in my 21 Day Fix camp, and quickly realized her passion for helping others the way she was being helped! She instantly became a coach and continues to inspire me daily! She just finished her first round of 22 Hard Corps with our online camp and is down 22.7 pounds since the new year!! The 22 Hard Corps program consists of 22 minute workouts 6xdays a week with an easy to follow portion-fixed nutrition guide, 30 meals of my favorite meal ever & access to my exclusive online accountability group! She has totally crushed it and is now well on her way toward carrying out these habits as a lifestyle! If you are interested in participating in one of my future fitness camps, click here. I hope you are inspired and enjoy reading her testimony! 

"So, yesterday marked the final day of my 8 week 22 minute hard corps challenge. I lost 8.6 lbs and 8 inches during that 8 week period. My total weight loss since I began my fitness journey in January- 22.7 lbs and 12.5 inches. Feeling pretty good about that!

See these pictures side by side? See the picture taken in January on the left, and the one just taken yesterday on the right? There's a noticeable difference, right? But when I compare these two pictures, it's not just a physical transformation that I notice. I see a complete transformation in my spirit as well.

The girl on the left is sad, scared, and insecure. She doesn't see her true value; she hopes no one will ever see this picture.

The girl on the right has joy, freedom, and purpose. She KNOWS her true value is in the LORD, and He has given her hope to achieve her dreams... to change her OWN life and make an eternal impact on the lives around her.

I see a CONFIDENT girl on the right. I see a girl who has VISION and EXCITEMENT for what the future holds.

Today, I start a week of fun workouts smile emoticon I'll be doing CIZE with Shaun T.. He'll be teaching me some hip hop moves. Maybe I'll share it with you... the old me would've been too scared to do that. You know.. I wouldn't have wanted you to see me look like a fool. But the new me doesn't care. You can laugh at my dance moves... I'll even laugh at myself. wink emoticon

Then next week, I'll be beginning my second round of the 21 day fix. I've been doing much better with my eating and fitness... BUT.. I'm going to push myself MORE this time. I'm going to COMMIT to dialing my nutrition in even more. I won't CHEAT as much... because as Autumn says, "Don't cheat.. you only CHEAT YOURSELF." And I'm making this PUBLIC because I need you all to hold me accountable!

Keep pressing toward your goals. Become the men/women who GOD created you to be... you don't have to live in the past any longer. There is HOPE in the Lord to RENEW YOUR STRENGTH."

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