Sunday Meal Prep Special: Go-To Lunch Prep

Sunday, 15 May 2016

I'm so excited for my monthly 30 day bootcamp to begin tomorrow! We have an amazing group of men and women this month coming together to get healthier from the inside out! But I tell you what, one of my bootcampers' common obstacles is finding healthy lunch recipes!

To be real, I really don't even like lunch.

It's my least favorite meal because I feel like none of the food options are actually good! I mean come on, we have breakfast with EVERYTHING yummy under the sun... french toast, eggs and bacon, cinnamon rolls, pancakes... need I say more?

I think we can all agree Breakfast rules. Goodness, I'm already drooling!! LOL!

But then we have lunch. Lunch is hard for me. I've never been a sandwich girl, or a lunch packer. Growing up, I always just took tupperware of beef or rice-a-roni from the night before's dinner. I LOVED left overs and would eat it cold. I love meat- let's be honest;) And sandwiches didn't really make the cut.

So now that I'm focused on healthy eating, I still trip up over LUNCHTIME!! Anyone else?

Whether you are packing a lunch for a school day, or you are packing lunch for the office, it can really add nourishment to your day if it's done right. Or it can significantly deplete your bank account... ammiright?!

I remember when I worked corporate, I never made the time to make food ahead of time and ended up paying an arm and a leg for a healthy meal during my lunch break. Which is why I'm thankful for my current nutrition plan because it helps me narrow down my food choices and minimizes the amount of prep I do!

Here is one of my current favs I resort to for meal prepping on Sunday so I can just grab and go during the week without hassle!

- Whole Wheat Pasta- cooked to instructions
- 1 Head of Lettuce or Spinach
- 1 diced Tomato
- 1/2 diced onion
- 1/2 sliced cucumber
- 4 oz Grilled Chicken
- Feta Cheese
- Balsamic Dressing

I will make this in a big batch... so I will cook the noodles and a couple breasts of chicken (or even easier, get a rotisserie chicken from the store! No cooking necessary, easy-peasy!) Then I cut up the veggies and container them!

I will assemble according to my allotted containers to portion out my lunch and then container them for storing. I will leave off the Balsamic dressing until ready to eat- keeps from getting soggy :)

The containers:
1 Yellow
1.5-2 Greens
1 Red
1 Orange
1 Blue

And that's it! Super simple, super healthy and gives you a great mix of veggies and a carb and protein!!

What's your fave go-to lunch??

 Live Sown with Strength,


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