Summer is Coming

Monday, 2 May 2016

I remember this time a few years ago.

Summer was on the horizon, and my body was winter-plagued.

It was my first time living in a very cold, long-lasting winter where exercise was far from me and eating clean was non-existent. I was miserable, embarrassed and in need of change. But I had no clue what to do, where to go and the last thing I wanted was Summer to come.

Summer meant shorts, tank tops, less clothing, swim suits, beach days, get togethers and endless hot-summer sun. All the favorite things I know I love.

But not this Summer. This Summer, I didn't want it to come.

I was heavier than I'd ever been before. I had countless weddings to attend where I would run into several friends from college and high school. And as reality of my current shape set in, I was heartbroken. I had gone from a scholarship athlete to an overweight girl who didn't recognize herself in the mirror.

I've come so far since that time a few years ago. But it started somewhere. It started with making a really challenging choice... the choice to finally do something about my current shape. Getting back in shape wasn't the hardest part... it was making the choice to begin the journey.

And that's what I want to ask you...

Where are you?
Are you ready for Summer?
Are you confident that your health is the best it can be?
Do you get excited when you hear the words 'beach days'?

I hope you do. But if you don't... if you find yourself exactly where I was a few years ago desperately wanting Summer not to come... then I want to ask you to make the same choice I made...

CHOOSE to do something. 

In two weeks, I'm hosting my next online bootcamp and it's a chance for you to change your health and circumstances just like I did. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Yes, it will be hard.
Yes, it will require you to do things you've maybe never done before.
Yes, it will take commitment and patience.
And sometimes possible is all you need.
To be encouraged, check out a few of my client transformations!
It's time for YOUR After Picture!!

Let me help you because I wish someone would've helped me.

Click here to apply to be considered for one of the 10 spots I'm reserving for new clients in this bootcamp. I will then email you to talk about your goals and we will find a program that matches your goals and needs perfectly!

*There is a cost to joining the bootcamp; the cost is simply purchasing the tools you'll need to tackle your goals. :)

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