Happy Mothers Day

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Today can both be beautiful and hard.

There are amazing mothers out there worthy to be celebrated... Who give relentlessly, sacrificially, and generously from the overflow of love in their hearts. I have two of those mothers in my life. 

But I can't help but think of the hard others face. 

Maybe the hard of not being able to conceive..
Maybe the hard of losing your momma too soon...
Maybe the hard of life throwing curveballs at you leaving you without the blood children you always dreamed of having when you grew up. 

Maybe there's no husband or man around to help your kids spoil you as a mother.
Maybe you never knew your momma or you did and you wish you hadn't. 

There are many different kinds of mother stories out there. And while we love to celebrate the amazing ones, I pray we would also pause and pray. 

Pray over the ones with hard written in their stories. Where mother isn't a word they enjoy speaking about. For the women and men who have deep scars or aches across their souls because of this special component of life missing. 

Let's celebrate but also have empathy. 

Regardless of what your story reads, I pray you find comfort and peace in knowing God is sufficient to meet your needs; FULLY. 

What a treasure of truth💜

PS you don't have to physically give birth to a child to fill a special role a mother would in another persons life💜💜

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