8 Reasons to Never Miss a Monday Workout

Monday, 23 May 2016

We have this saying in our online bootcamps... "never miss a monday". I had never heard of this saying until I became a coach and I wondered why?? Why should I never miss a Monday and why is that our saying?

Here are 8 reasons why:

1. You are more likely to get your workout in every other day this week. 

Monday is everyone's clean slate. To begin with taking one step toward your goals begins momentum you can carry out throughout the week. 

2. You will have a positive energy and smile for the new week. 

Anyone who watched Elle Woods in Legally Blonde knows that working out produces endorphins and happy people smile more and carry around positive energy which carries into your productivity as an individual!

3. You'll drop anxious thoughts. 

Sometimes a new work week brings about anxiety of meetings, anxiety of project deadlines or hitting quotas. If you can accomplish something and have a quick victory in your Monday, the rest of the week will be embraced with more confidence. 

4. You'll eat better. 

When you exercise, you're more inclined to opt for the healthier options when temptation strikes because you worked hard at the beginning of the week. Plus, you're staring your week with self-control and that momentum will keep you munching on the right things ;) 

5. You will sleep better. 

Working out is physically exhausting. When you push yourself, you tire your body and mind out in time for bed. It will lead to more productive sleeping pushing you into deeper REMs. 

6. You'll boost brain power!

Physical exercise has the potential to increase levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) which is shown to help build healthier nerve cells! Go get that presentation ;) 

7. You could earn more! 

One study found an association between gym habits and higher pay. Employees who exercised regularly earned nine percent more than their couch potato peers! I'm down for that ;)

8. BONUS: You will be ONE step closer to achieving those goals! 

Live Sown with Strength, 

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  1. I think a work our should never be missed, its so important to keep you fresh throughout the day, it keeps you healthier in a long run. So start working out.

  2. Yeah true. Monday is the first working day of the week. So, it really need to be an active day after a relaxing 2 days weekend.

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