Tuesday Tips: Creating the Right Mindset for Success

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I've been chatting with my team of coaches about mindset. I have seen great success as a coach from the very beginning and so I often get the question what is different about you? What do you do differently? How did you become and continue to be successful? 

Today, I listened to a team training and it clicked like a light bulb: there's no secret to my success. 

It's as simple as this: I went ALL IN. 

 Going all in... Is A MINDSET.

•MINDSET• is 🔑 to healthy living and turning your dreams turn into reality. 

Here are a few of my takeaways from this conversation that have helped me create and sustain a successful online health business:

1. Success is a mindset: if you want something, you HAVE to be ALL IN. 
2. Embrace struggle: we all have them, work on finding what your next step should be- this is how you overcome struggle.
3. Train yourself to see the results you want: all pros spend extensive time training- same is true for any business you want to succeed at.
4. Switch your mindset from mindset of fear of loss to mindset of potential gain. 

I challenge myself and you... Next time you have fear knock at your door with the tempting "what If" game, response back with POSITIVITY:

What IF.... I was successful?
What IF.... I paid off all my debt this year? 
What IF.... I lost weight?
What IF.... I cleaned up my nutrition?
What IF.... I could retire my husband from his job playing basketball?
What IF.... I earned enough to stay home with my kids?
What IF.... I helped us purchase our FIRST home next year?

This is the WHAT IF game those who are successful play. 

I don't want to focus on what could go wrong.
I don't want to focus on what I have to lose. 

I want to focus on the OPPORTUNITY. 
I want to focus on what's POSSIBLE.
I want to focus on what I can GAIN!! 

Coaching is a unique opportunity that is an absolute gift. But his HAS to be a mindset. I can't give you my success, I can only train you how to be successful yourself.

Whether it's your fitness journey, building a business, relationships etc... MINDSET MATTERS. 

1. You have to be 110% sold on YOUR GOALS. 
2. You can't let fear or hard or struggle win.
        3.     Your why has to be more important to you than any obstacle you face.

How will you make today matter?
How will changing your mindset change your life?

Live Sown with Strength,

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