The MAGIC ingredient for Weightloss and Toning Up

Sunday, 17 April 2016

I was sitting at my desk, preparing for my online fitness bootcamp which begins Monday, when a girl reached out to me. She shared how badly she desired to get in shape, but felt defeated. She opened up about purchasing one of the programs from my company, but she didn't succeed at reaching ANY of her goals. She specifically said "I didn't have any support or coaching. I just couldn't do it on my own".

My heart instantly went out to her.

I could relate. I've been there. I've failed. I've lost and gotten off track. I've also tried diet pills, expensive juice cleanses, and every new fitness program you can think of.

So what made that final difference for me?
What IS that magic potion or ingredient for actually losing weight, toning up or hitting those fitness goals?


Two words listed in her own sentence: ACCOUNTABILITY & SUPPORT. 

This is the magic ingredient for mastering any weight loss or toning up goals!!!


As I mentioned, I tried EVERYTHING. You name it, I've tampered with it or tried it. What finally made a different was joining forces with others on the same journey as me! People who needed me as much as I needed them. A community united together in overcoming obstacles that have held us back in the past and following through on our commitments.


I also found support through a coach. Yes, I am an online health + fitness coach, but I too have a mentor coach who is my support! ;) This made that extra difference for me and it makes the extra difference month in and month out to those who sign up for my bootcamps.


This is something that I pride myself in as a coach. I am not just giving someone the tools to get in shape or eat well; I'm actually walking them through it step by step to ensure they are successful.

Let's be real, working out and eating healthy is HARD!! Getting in shape is HARD!! That's why so many people are overweight, out of shape, or unhealthy. It's not easy to meal prep, it's not easy to reach for the veggies when you want the cookies. It's a lifestyle challenge.

You have to completely re-work your lifestyle. Decisions like "what's for dinner?" become a challenge, getting up when your alarm goes off early to workout before work is a challenge. It will take a lot more energy, effort, elbow-grease, and sacrifice than you've made in a long time.

The program alone will not be enough. A plan will not be enough. For the majority, the biggest change comes from finding someone to walk with them. Food and exercise are areas where addictions and bad habits will need to be broken.

This is why accountability and support are the bread and butter, the "magic" to weight loss and toning up. One of my rockstar clients, Angelina, said, "I really noticed a huge difference with the challenge group. It's CRAZY how much that benefits EVERYTHING".

This is why I believe in my job. I'm not looking to sell a product, I'm not looking to simply earn money. I'm looking to link arms with others who struggle just as much as I do. Who need me to help them on their journey as they subsequently help me too. Community is really important to me. Friendships are a gift and so I pour my heart into our challenge groups.

I want as many people as possible to get healthy from the inside out and find themselves loving their skin, their body, their health and ultimately their life.

Do you have this "magic ingredient" in your life?

Live Sown with Strength,

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