Be a Life Enthusiast

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

I want to forever be a LIFE ENTHUSIAST!!! 

I don't want to ever be purposeless, drudging through my day just to punch my time card. I want to LOVE what I do. I want to be my BEST self; I want to see the wonders of this world; I want to give my kids the opportunity to have college paid for; I want to retire my husband from the game he loves so he can do something else he loves and not panic about providing for a family. I want to swim with turtles, bake in the sun, eat cannnolis in Italy, stroop waffles in Amsterdam, fish in Australia. I want to take my kids to see the Grand Canyon at sunrise and hike the Great Wall of China at sunset. 

There are so many beautiful moments waiting to be seized up-- and I want to be the one finding them, chasing them, seizing them. 

What do you want in life? 
No really, what do you really want in life?? 

If you're anything like me, maybe you find yourself with hopes, dreams, and desires that will not happen in your current circumstances? Maybe you've been dreaming and not doing? Maybe you want to take the chance, but you're afraid? 

I was. 
Afraid of failure, afraid of succeeding?

But here's the thing... where does fear EVER get me?
Frustrated, constantly dreaming, purposeless and anxious. 

I don't want those things to mark my life. 
I'm going to throw fear off and tae on courage. 

Maybe it's time you did the same? Maybe it's your time to gave you and I chance?

Maybe instead of hearing me rave about the life I'm living, you joined me?? 

This life is for the bold, the hard-working, the travelista, the fitness passionista, and the current daydreamer looking for more!! I want you LOVING your life and spreading hope, love, health, and positivity WITH ME! 

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Let our #girlgang near and far be life ENTHUSIASTS!! 

See ya on the beaches during the work week 😘😉

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