Tuesday Tips: Pursuing Independence, Success, and Strength as a Woman following Christ

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

I'm passionate about Jesus.
But I often get lost; lost in who I am as a follower of Christ but a dweller in this world. 
I struggled for years between wanting a purposeful, successful job but desiring to be home one day with my babies. 

I didn't see how BOTH could happen.

The women who had careers I drooled over generally didn't have the family life I imagined. Those who stayed at home as a momma generally didn't have anything outside of home life, and that didn't light a fire in me. 
I believe in fire.
I believe we were all created with purpose. 
I wanted to be home. But I wanted to be purposeful outside the home too.

Does it have to be an either or?
Can it be and?

It wasn't until someone believed in me.
Believed I could make that vision, dream HAPPEN. 
Blogging + coaching was the platform I could use. 
It would allow me the "and" lifestyle I so deeply desired.
So I began. 

One step, then another. 
Now I'm here, DOING it. 
Preparing the "and" lifestyle. 
Where God-willing one day, I will be working AND raising children for Jesus. 

Here, is who I am. 
Here, is who I strive to be. 
Are you a soul sister?

Live Sown with Strength, 

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