ONE YEAR #theBestisYettoCome

Saturday, 26 March 2016


Is it already on to our next? 

My heart hurts at how fast days go by when I'm at your side. I want them to slow down, linger and stay awhile like a summer afternoon on the lake.

If only they lasted forever. There's truly nothing better than living out each day as your bride on mission for Gods Kingdom. 

I've learned so much about you, me, us. 

My favorite thing about being your bride... Is witnessing your daily, intentional living for Gods mission.

You teach me how to make HIM always the priority.

You show me how to make disciples of all nations and not be afraid in "how" to do this.

You challenge me to change; always for the better. More grace, more generosity, more Jesus.

You make me desire more time with God because of who you become through your time with Him.

You genuinely want the BEST for everyone, and you will do whatever you can to share your understanding of that with them.

You are my safest place, my bestest friend. My deepest love. Together we've built a foundation of intimacy. Where I know I always belong and can come no matter what I've thought or done. 

I may not tangibly see God- the person; but everyday as your bride, I see His Spirit living out in you as bright as the morning sun.

No greater gift than to celebrate this life by your side.

I've loved you since you popped up in my phone and I'll love until the day I breath my last breathe. 

I love that eternity spans out before us. 



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Stay Tuned for the rest of the story to unfold...

Live Sown with Strength,

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