My Purpose

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

I stared at the sunset.

Words escaped me. They weren't needed.

Gratitude flooded me; this, here, me, him. 

God is the bestower of all that I have; he reminds me day in and day out with the kiss of sunshine in the morning and the wave of goodbye through the sunset colors. 

He is the author of my life and somehow spoke bravery into a story I was afraid to share. Today, I find peace knowing I was created on purpose. 

Everyday, I seek to honor him because HE alone has the ability to give life. And life was meant to be fully lived.

To be lived loving those who are hardest to love.
To be sowing generously when we wonder if we have enough. 
To be fully transformed and not one ounce Conformed. 

I'm not living this life for me.
Despite my ability to stumble & get sidetracked. 

I'm not even being a fitness coach for me. 

Yes I want financial freedom; yes I want to travel the world and live comfortably all the days of my life. Yes, I want success and to have a bangin bod. Don't all of us want that at some level? 

But you know as I sat in complete silence, I stood in awe tonight thinking... 

The whole world was on mute. He was the only one speaking. 
He didn't use words.
He just painted; painted the truth for you and me to see. 
He loves me. 
He loves you.
It's that simple.

So yes, I desire worldly things; and more often than not I get distracted by them and their shininess. 

But here's the depth to my reality: my soul, my gifts, my body, my energy, my personality, my relationships, EVERYTHING about me was made for more. 

It's written in the skies for me to see.
It's graven on his hands that I might feel.
My life has purpose.

It's not to be "insta famous" or "rich";
It's not even to strive for daily comfort.

It's FOR him, BY him, THROUGH him.

So I want to work hard with my online fitness coaching business SO THAT my husband and I will be financially free to go where God leads. 

We both desire to be on mission. And mission is overseas for us in the world of basketball. And sometimes being sent takes money and time freedom or job flexibility. For me to be on mission with my husband, I NEED financial stability WITH job mobility+time freedom. 

I NEED this job.

So yes; with my job I will embrace and rejoice in those "worldly" things. 

Because God has blessed me with the opportunity to turn what the world prizes so much (time, travel, freedom, finances etc) into an opportunity to allow both Superman and I to fully live out loud the reason we were created. 

For Jesus name. 

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