Confessions of a Christian Fitness Coach: Why I became a Coach

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The TV was humming in the background. Pretty Little Liars had been on repeat all day. Netflix was one source I was looking at to numb the feelings of discontentment building inside.

I was home alone. Again. Superman was on the road for the week playing multiple away games. See many people usually miss this side of being married to a professional athlete. It's not always glamorous, home games, travel and sightseeing. There are many lonely nights, long weeks, with no one to talk to but the TV screen. I was fortunate to be working a part-time day job while living in New Zealand, but yet, I couldn't shake the feeling something more was missing.

Purpose. I was missing MY purpose.

I had always believed in my purpose each day. I trusted scripture when it said I was created to serve a unique calling for God's Kingdom. But these days, I questioned if there was really a specific purpose for me after all?

I love my husband to death. I would walk the ends of the earth to be with him everyday. But I was being drowned by loneliness as a newlywed during the away games. He wouldn't be gone for a night or two; generally it was at least a week. It was hard. Really hard.

Abel Tasman, New Zealand

I saw him serving such a GREAT purpose in his work. He was truly living and working exactly where God wanted him. I mean he is 6'11"!! The guy was BORN to play ball! Not to mention, he came to Christ through basketball teammates! God couldn't be more clear about His calling on Superman's life.

I craved the divine purpose my husband had with his craft.

To put it simply, I was jealous. Jealous of my husband's call in life and jealous that I didn't feel "that" kind of calling to anything in particular.

When I decided to marry him, I made the difficult choice to leave my home, my friends, my community and follow him wherever God would lead us with HIS job. I guess I just never thought that while we moved around the world for his job, I would be deeply hungry for a purpose in a job of my own.

Engagement Photos Sydney, Australia

I shared these feelings with Superman, and we began to pray. Pray for God to bring something for me specifically to pour my heart into; something outside of my role as a wife. YES I deeply treasure that role and calling. But I knew God didn't create me just to love Superman. He created me to share the Gospel's grace + love with others. He created me to help others, to lead others, and to point people to Jesus.

A few weeks wore on and suddenly God delivered. I was presented with the opportunity to become an online health + fitness coach for the second time. 6 months earlier, I was approached and turned my mentor down. But God knew the timing I needed. He needed to REVEAL to me what I was created for so that He could then show me how He was going to fulfill that in me.

This is why I am an online health + fitness coach.

Workout in Nelson, New Zealand

I needed a space, a platform, a calling.

Reading through Me and You Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan, I see my thoughts from 7 months ago completely reinforced. I wasn't created for my husband. I wasn't created to love him and serve him. I wasn't created to make him happy. I wasn't created to make him babies and call it good.

YES, those things are part of my role in being a wife, but it's not WHAT I was CREATED FOR.


I was created to follow Jesus, to live out HIS call on my life. To serve HIM, to love HIM, to serve HIS people, to love HIS people. TO BE USED BY HIM for HIS KINGDOMS sake.

Sorry, I LOVE all CAPS haha because I just know that I was created with such greater purpose than my role as a wife. And if you're ONLY a wife, THATS OK!! You may have community, bible studies, womens' groups, volunteer opportunities that are a part of your calling and how God is using you. But as a wife overseas, these are not an option for me.

Coaching is where I get to fully thrive and flourish into who God has created me to be.

He gave me leadership skills, abilities and gifts. I'm using those as a coach. 
He gave me the gift of writing. I'm using this as a coach. 
He gave me the gift of mirth and joy. I'm sharing these as a coach. 
He gave me a disciplined, hard working personality. I'm putting these into practice daily as a coach.
He gave me the spirit of encouragement. I'm spreading this daily as a coach.
He gave me an "all in" work ethic as a coach. I'm successful as a coach because of this gift.
He gave me a passion for people. I'm interacting, loving and inspiring people daily as a coach.
He gave me a desire for change. I'm producing lifestyle change in lives of others as a coach.
He gave me a passion to inspire girls to wait for marriage. I can spread this passion through my platform as a coach.
He gave me a love for the authentic, intentional, vulnerable living.  I get to pursue this as a coach. 

He doesn't waste anything.

Not your gifts,
Not your talents,
Not your personality,
Not your work ethic,
Not your character,
Not your time.

He uses ALL of you.
He wants to work through each facet of YOU!

I went from numbing loneliness and purposeless through Netflix to thriving in a job that has gifted me so much more than I can recount to you verbally. I get to continue loving and supporting my incredible husband's job, and now HE gets to return that for me in MY JOB!

Can I ask you something?

Are you looking for more?
Are you stuck numbing your feeling of uselessness?
Does your job lack passion?
Are your gifts being utilized for God's Kingdom?

If you are looking for more, If you're tired of feeling purposeless in your own life, If you're job is lacking passion, or you feel your gifts are being fully utilized for God's Kingdom... maybe coaching would be to you what it's been for me?

It's worth a shot right?

Inquire for details here!

I hope whatever your "something" may be, you would look for it. You would press into God. You would ask Him to reveal to you YOUR purpose.

Because I can't tell you exactly what YOUR purpose is, but I can tell you that you have one.

God doesn't waste anything. Especially life.

post-game in Kormend, Hungary

Live life Sown with Strength,

Diamond Beachbody Coach

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