Waiting for the perfect time? Why NOW is the perfect time!

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I use to sit around waiting for the perfect time. I, ME, MYSELF, was WAITING on time! How silly does that sound?

I was waiting for...

The perfect time to start a new clean eating phase...
The perfect time to begin a new fitness program...
The perfect time to get in shape... 
The perfect time to be motivated...
The perfect time when I didn't have any more excuses... 
The perfect time to sign up for my first marathon... 
The perfect time to pursue my dream career...

etc. etc. etc. 

Can you relate? I'm sure we could both come up with a list a mile long, but let's stop waiting on time and cut to the chase ;) 

TRUTH: there will never be a perfect time. 

When it comes to the more challenging things in life, I have discovered there will ALWAYS be an excuse. I will always have a reason why it's not convenient, or as my sweet Aussie Superman would say, why "I just can't be bothered" right now. 

Maybe you're like me and always wanted to sign up and train for a marathon. But the mileage is just so inconvenient with your time + work schedule... but guess what? You will NEVER have a ton of free time to spend training for a marathon; it's why so few people do it! It's hard, it takes sacrifice of sleep, energy, free time etc! But one thing remains, NOW is the time if it's a goal of yours. 

Maybe you've been scrolling Instagram or Facebook and watching the way other friends have gotten into shape or how they look compared to you and deep down all you want is to see the same change physically- you so badly want that lifestyle change that is so hard to develop.... but guess what? You will never 110% motivated to drastically change your lifestyle or health habits. It's why so many people are obese; it's EASIER. It's CONVENIENT. You don't have to sacrifice food options, or make time for working out after a long day in the office. One thing remains, NOW is the time to create change and chase those health goals!

We will always feel low on time or energy, and "life" is our best excuse. 

Well hey girl, guess what!? 


Here's why:

1. We already possess the same 24 hours in a day that really healthy or fit people do- simple solution: time management and simplifying our lives. (aka finding an easy-to-follow fitness + nutrition program so you simply have to show up and press play)

2. We already possess the time we need to train for a marathon- simple solution, SIGN UP and run the dang thing! (trust me- been there, bit that bullet and never regretted it!)

3. We already possess the ability within us to whip ourselves into shape- simple solution: join me as I'm working on my own goals in my next 30 day fitness challenge and GET STARTED! It's only 30 min workouts AT HOME- girl, let's be real- we CAN do that. ;)

4. If you've been daydreaming about another passion of yours and your current job doesn't include that passion, girl- the perfect time to chase your dreams will never come. YOU CAN totally chase that dream of yours- you are brave, and time is on your side! Following a passion is not easy, but it's purposeful EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Trust me, I was scared too, but then I leapt into the unkown and saw my world explode with joy, purpose, opportunity, and hope as the work of my hands met where my heart beats. 

YOU are your motivation. It's completely up to YOU! If you don't motivate yourself, then you will always be sitting around waiting on your goals, dreams, wants, etc to come true.

You have the power. So do I. So let's ACT.

Join my next 30 day Fitness Challenge Group here
Join my next Girl Boss Mentorship Group here.

What have you been putting off that YOU need to take action on??

Live Sown with Strength,


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