Tuesday Tips!! {morning routine} 8 ways to start your day WELL!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Hey There! My name is Courtney I'm the creator and founder of sown with strength a lifestyle + fitness blog! Every Monday I share a post about marriage and/or motherhood, and I also offer fitness + nutrition services! Every Tuesday, I want to begin sharing tips that I'm learning on how to live a life sown with strength! These tips will range from health + fitness, to leadership + business, marriage + the shades of life in between! 

So today, my first tip will be on setting a morning schedule. Whether in business or on your own health journey, having a productive + positive morning routine is crucial to both consistency + energy. Which both of those components will lead to success+ positive momentum toward attaining your goals. 

In my life, I have seen how unproductive a day is when I DONT stick or set up a healthy am routine. So here are my key tips to setting up and keeping a healthy, consistent morning routine that will get you to the place you want to go: 

1. Always eat a NUTRITIOUS breakfast; your metabolism will be faster if you consistently eat breakfast and eat he RIGHT kind of nutrients. 

2. Spend 20 minutes filling your mind with positivity + igniting your endorphins. As a Christian, I want to FIRST fill my mind with Gods Word before the world. So I personally like to read my bible + devotional or listen to it on audio through my bible app. Other great options are reading a personal development book or listening to a podcast! I throw in 20-40 minutes of these two on TOP of my personal quiet time with God because I see greater productivity and clearer vision as a businesswoman if I do. Podcasts I recommend: Chalene Johnson "build your tribe" or Young Entrepreneurial Lifestyle!

3. Spend 10-15 minutes journaling... This trains your mind to focus on positivity and cast a vision on WHY you are doing what you're doing BEFORE any crisis or problems in your day arise. This also helps to communicate YOUR excitement for your job, your lifestyle WHATEVER! It produces positive energy and that will translate into emails to clients, prospective clients and even a boss (if you have one😉)! Journal about what you're excited about, what your grateful for and what you're committed to making happen

4. Get active! Start your day with a fitness routine, some yoga, 5 minutes of push-ups... Anything to wake your body up and create an accomplishment early in the day!

5. MVPS as Peter Voogl calls them... Write out your most valuable priorities. Organize and schedule these out in your day based on your vision + goals. This is CRUCIAL! Don't start your day without FIRST knowing what is MOST important to accomplish. As a wife who works from home, I've seen the negative that comes if I DONT do this. 

6. Visualize! I love creating vision boards whether for my business or health journey, I LOVE to see where I'm going and what it will be like when I'm there; it revs up my mental juice and cranks up my determination to make STUFF happen TODAY!

7. Write down your goals: for the day, he next 6 months, the next 12 months. This is part of living life by DESIGN- it creates a lifestyle of freedom ONLY if you DESIGN a roadmap of how you will get from today to your goals tomorrow. 

8. Focus on gratitude: a thankful heart knows where they've been and where they're at; they recognize the hard work it takes and they're thankful for the opportunity to push another day. Develop a heart of gratitude and your day can remain positive even with the road bumps 

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Make it a great day or not choice is always yours!

Live Sown with Strength,

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