Transformation Tuesday: How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Monday, 29 February 2016

Goodness this scares the living daylights out of me to post... because for some reason I feel this heavy need to have a 6 pack of abs and some killer quads, but you know what?? 

>>>>>Progress is STILL progress no matter how slow!! <<<<<<<<

So for that, I'm posting this because shoot, I'm PROUD! I worked really hard to get through these past few weeks and this is what I've experienced:

I am currently on the 7th week of my 8 week program called The Master's Hammer + Chisel! This program is a weights based program I offer in my online fitness camps. It is focused on increasing strength through stability and power by the use of weights!

Here's the thing guys: I NEVER lifted weights in my life. I was practically allergic to the dumbbells section of the gym and wouldn't even glance at the free weights rack for fear of getting a scowl from a beefed up dude tryna get swole. I legit had NO idea how to half of the moves in this program, but I decided it was time to make a change, and jump out of my comfort zone! With the release of this program in December plus a few good friends by my side, I knew I had to at least try!

So for the past few months, I've been TRYING my BEST! I've learned what a clean and a jerk are. I've watched youtube videos with my amazing Superman where he walked through form with me. I recorded my lifting and later that evening you could find the two of us reviewing my form, talking about what needed to change and what I was doing right. (Helps to be married to a professional athlete right?! ;) I had no idea what I was doing (and to be honest, I'm still SUCH a newbie), but I didn't let that stop me! I got up, I showed up, I tried my best, I failed a lot, I even had a very minor back injury at one point, but with some practice, a teachable spirit and a CAN-DO attitude, I will be finishing this program next week!!! I'm SO happy with my results. Not necessarily because of what has changed in physical appearance... (although, let's be real, I definitely love watching my biceps do curls in the mirror hehe- TOTALLY get now why the guys in the gym are always staring at themselves-- like hellooo biceps be POPPIN- is that weird that I'm totally diggin the my own muscle tone?! Okay, off that bunny trail...;) yep, not so much the physical, rather, what has changed INTERNALLY! 

Hammer & Chisel 8 week Lifting Program

Because I was willing to TRY, to move outside my comfort zone on this, I was able to increase my personal belief in what my body is capable of!! I genuinely used to think, "nah I can't do a pull up that's just never gonna be for me"... but you know what?! It CAN be for me!! It just takes patience, hard work and dedication! I'm so proud I took the chance to silence the scrawny distance runner who was afraid of weights and rebuild a confident athlete who is willing to conquer new challenges in her fitness journey! 

It's about CHANGE. It's about TRANSFORMATION! ON the INSIDE as much as the OUTSIDE!

How will YOU challenge yourself and step outside your comfort zone today???

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Let's live Sown with Strength,
x Courtney


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