Made with Strength: Running

Monday, 29 February 2016

I'M SO DEEPLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS BRAND NEW SERIES ON SOWN WITH STRENGTH CALLED "MADE WITH STRENGTH". IT WILL BE A MONDAY COLLECTION OF STORIES + HEART PIECES AROUND MOTHERHOOD, MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS, AND THE BEAUTY OF LIFE'S MESs. TOday, WE'VE BEEN GIVEN THE ABSOLUTE JOY TO HEAR FROM ONE OF MY DEAREST FRIENDS, GREATEST INSPIRATIONS, AND A TRUE ROLE MODEL TO ME IN MOTHERHOOD (EVEN THOUGH I'M NOT A MOTHER YET). SHE MAKES ME believe i am loved, accepted, and adored just the way I am. She encourages forth authenticity within all who encounter her. I WAS BLESSED TO WORK WITH HER FOR ABOUT several months editing her photos for her photography business, but really, it was just a night of therapy for me and words of affirmation + wisdom from her. READ HER soul script below, AND FOLLOW ALONG HER EVERYDAY LOVE STORY WITH HER THREE ON INSTAGRAM @myorangepocket.

3 ways to know if you are running to FIND your life or running to get AWAY from it.

I don't mean running in the literal sense. I mean- running- like you are avoiding your life.

1. You are lonely. You are lonely and you use entertainment, exercise, stuff, sex, motherhood, social media marriage to fill that void. But no matter what you do, the loneliness persists.

2. You have shame. You use masks, careers, achievements, status, money, your mile time, beauty, good character or your personality to cover the deep down feeling that you have done something wrong or are an imposter. No matter what you do or accomplish the nagging sense of shame persists.

3. You have guilt. You experience fear and it moves you to hide, lie, manipulate, prove, defend and self - justify your actions. You hide the truth of who you are, but no matter how deeply you hide, the guilt still never stops.

filling, covering and hiding are all indicators that you are running AWAY from your life.  Loneliness, shame and guilt will always feel like a wall in your life that you can't overcome. Only when our truth is met with Gods truth, will we ever be free.

So run hard and fast into hope, run without fear into the places you fear the most. Because waiting deep down is a love that endlessly delights in YOU (as you truly are). 

Photo by @myorangepocket

xoxo, Anjuli 

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