Made with Strength {motherhood + marriage}: My Truth by Marisa

Monday, 1 February 2016

I'M SO DEEPLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS BRAND NEW SERIES ON SOWN WITH STRENGTH CALLED "MADE WITH STRENGTH". IT WILL BE A MONDAY COLLECTION OF STORIES + HEART PIECES AROUND MOTHERHOOD, MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS, AND THE BEAUTY OF LIFE'S MESSY. This week, We're GIVEN THE ABSOLUTE JOY TO HEAR FROM ONE OF MY DEAREST FRIENDS + longest role models... Marisa. Her and her husband were high school sweethearts, and I've been following them around as a little squirt since I was about 7 years old; i mean it was to the point i was legit trying to go on all their dates with them! eek-sorry guys! ;) Thankfully I grew out of that stage-5 clinger season, and now I get to simple watch and learn how to be a wife and mother (one day) through Marisa's example! READ HER STORY, AND FOLLOW ALONG HER EVERYDAY LOVE STORY WITH HER tribe ON INSTAGRAM @marisanichols.

Marisa, her husband Dave and their 3 kiddos! Follow along her daily soul scripts on Instagram: @marisanichols

I was very honored when Courtney asked me to be a guest blogger for her, but then reality sank in and I realized something: I have NEVER blogged in my life!! Then I was reminded of a verse in Psalms that says “ Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.” (Psalm 25:5) I pray that God will guide my words as I speak my truth to you.

My Truth: I am the wife of a Pastor and the mother of 3 children. I work part time as a dental hygienist and full time as a housekeeper, lunch maker, tutor, activity planner, and cheerleader… the list goes on. I’m sure all you mommas out there can relate. I’m sure all you mommas can also sympathize when I say that sometimes my husband gets the worst of me, or what is left of me. I faintly remember the days when we ate a hot meal together in quiet with red roses he had brought home for me as our centerpiece (sigh).  We would sit down after dinner and talk, maybe watch a movie and stay up as long as we wanted. Now it seems the kid’s get home from school and there is homework to be done before soccer practice and “Hi honey, glad you’re home! Can you finish the spaghetti sauce so I can get the kids jersey out of the dryer?” We sit down for an early (and brief) dinner with our bouquet of weeds as the centerpiece on our kitchen table and out the door in separate ways we go!

I love the nights where we can get away from our messy, loud house and be together. To breathe. That one on one time with our spouse is so important! A chance to share our dreams and heart aches. To unwind and rejuvenate our souls. The time to talk and not have little interrupting voices around. I have learned a lot in my marriage. Dave and I recently went through a study that talked about how God’s purpose in marriage was not only to make us happy, but more importantly to make us holy. It is a spiritual challenge to be vulnerable with someone else. Gary Thomas says that “if you don’t want anyone to see your sin, don’t get married” Isn’t that so true? My husband knows me better than any other person. And that can be challenging to let him see me exposed and flawed. But the Lord has used my marriage to teach me grace, compassion, forgiveness, and love in a way that no other relationship here on earth can compare. God is teaching me to say “I’m sorry” even if I don’t want to and “I love you” even in times I may not feel much love.  We are both sinners. Sinners striving to seek Him first and His kingdom.

I don’t know about you, but when I am intentional with my marriage, my children also reap the benefits. Other than my relationship with Christ, marriage is my next most important relationship. There are so many times I get caught up in kids schedules that I neglect my marriage. When our marriage is thriving our kids thrive! My husband is very good at this. There are moments in the afternoons where he hugs me. And not a little hug, but those big, long hugs that make you stop for a
moment and smile. Almost always we are interrupted by a little voice requesting our attention. He calmly says ”We will be right with you, I am hugging your mother.” And my smile grows! They walk away acting annoyed, but I love the example he sets for them of putting me first!

God has blessed us with these little humans. There are always eyes watching and ears listening. I pray that the Lord helps us show them God’s faithfulness and grace through our marriage. Is our marriage imperfect? Definitely! They see our marriage flawed and mostly exposed. But only through those weaknesses will we seek the Lord’s strength.  I pray that I instill in them the steadfast love of our heavenly father by the way I love on my husband!

Our life can be described as chaos. BUT, I love it! We start our day with each other and end our day with each other. I guess you can say our relationship has changed. Crazy as it is, God is continually teaching us how to love, teaching us how to choose our battles, teaching us about an imperfect life. The truth is, I am flawed and I cannot do it all on my own, but His mercies are new every morning and I cling so strongly to His words. I need His words to help me through the exhausting days. The days where I feel defeated. Those days I find comfort in knowing He wraps us in His grace and meets us in our messy. God is calling us to let go of the infatuation we have with a perfect life and hold fast to the promise of a perfect Father in Heaven.

My prayer for you:


To dare to love deeply

And risk everything

For the good thing

-Maya Angelou


  1. Love this. What a great testimony of what being married with 3 kids is really all about. Honest, transparent and real.

  2. Beautiful Marissa! I sense that in the midst of busy,crazy,messy life that you are deeply rooted and at ease with life. You are an awesome expression of His love!