30 Day SWS Challenge {Day 1}

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Yesterday was the first day in my brand new 30 day SWS Fitness + Nutrition Challenge! (For those who aren't aware, I run monthly 30 day fitness + faith challenges that you can apply for here.) I'm really excited for the 30+ women currently participating...

the anticipation of what their transformation might look like...
the nerves over what may be hard and what might be easy...
the fear that knocks at their door causing them to question their hope...

These women will be tested. The next 30 days will be about learning to love themselves where they are, but also pushing themselves to where they want to be. They will be challenged mentally to exercise daily self-control, they will be tested physically to complete each workout, and they will be tested spiritually to continue in faith knowing that today's work will bring tomorrow's satisfaction.

I. cannot. wait.

This is why I coach! They are embarking on this WHOLE new journey transforming them from the inside out! Each woman will not be the same in 30 days that she was today.

She will stronger,
She will be leaner,
She will be healthier,
She will be a fighter,
She will be equipped.

And as I said before, and I'll say it again... I cannot wait!

For me, I am taking the opportunity to do the challenge myself as well! I know a huge part of why I became an online fitness coach is the accountability offered through my monthly fitness challenge groups! Support + Accountability make a world of difference for me on my journey! So here we go! For the first time ever, I'm sharing my recaps and food diaries! (eek even just saying out loud, to you, has me all kinds of nervous!)

Here we go! No turning back now!

Yesterday's Fitness + Food Diary:

Program: The Master's Hammer + Chisel
Workout: Iso Speed Hammer
Duration: 24 minutes

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs with 1 cup of rocket+diced tomato+diced onion+feta cheese
Lunch: My Nutrient Dense Meal Replacement + Strawberries+water+ice+protein
Dinner: Herb grilled Chicken + 1.5 cups Mixed Veggies
Snack 1: Almonds
Snack 2: Bread roll (x2)--- SO NOT GOOD!
Snack 3: Muesili bar (x2)--- yea, guess one wasn't enough-eek!

Writing this down is hard; sharing with you is even harder! I want to be "perfect" but perfect is just a perception... Imperfection is where growth takes place and transformation comes! So here I am being completely honest, vulnerable with you and sharing my FOOOOOD Diary ;)

Goals for today:
Stick to my macros and calorie count, and DONT give in to those late night or mid-afternoon snack cravings-- those always get me and that's where the extra calories pack on and derail you from your goals!

If you're looking for more hands-on instruction, support + coaching, join my next challenge starting in March! Click Here to apply and I'll be in touch with you to help you find the perfect program for your goals!

Together, we are stronger and more capable! Let's do this Day 2!!!

Live Sown in Strength Sisters,
x Courtney

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