Transformation Tuesday: Courtney

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

I was a scholarship runner in college in great shape who never took her nutrition seriously. I didn't really have to! I literally ate pancakes (with chocolate chips) every single day for breakfast and I would homemake choc chip cookies every single night for dessert. It NEVER affected me; I was running insane workouts and long mileage so I burned everything off. I also thought anything green was YUCK, but that's another transformation story ;)

The year after I graduated, I moved to China for a year. This is where I hit a major low in my health. I couldn't run because it was crazy winter the whole year while my eating habits remained as if I was running intense mileage; so inevitably, I gained like 15-20 pounds and came home frustrated. (Pic on the left just weeks after coming home)

That year I decided enough was enough. So I began doing the only think I knew how to do: run long and run hard. I became a crazy cardio bunny who was really afraid of the weights. I signed up to run a marathon for extra motivation. It helped me begin to focus on my health again. But I still wasn't pursuing health for health's sake. I was simply just trying to be skinny; that was what was most important after all.

Then last year I moved to Australia and found out about Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide! So I but the bullet and paid the money to begin doing BBG 1.0+2.0. I really leaned down, but I think too much so. Because I was so focused on being skinny, I really struggled with binging then restricting over and over.

This year, I finally found a winning combination. I'm repeating BBG 1.0 again as HIIT + LISS (for burning fat) but this time WITH a lifting program focused on strength, stability, +power called Masters Hammer + Chisel! I've dialed in my macros using portion-control containers that come with my lifting program and I'm seeing my BEST results yet! It has been SO fun! I'm no longer forcing myself to run 8-10 miles a day just to "look skinny". I'm no longer saying YUCK to my veggies, and I'm definitely NOT afraid of weights anymore! All the myths I believed are SO false, and I'm so excited to feel + look strong over skinny! 

You can change your body; never tell someone your goals aren't possible. Eating well, or flexible dieting with macros + daily exercise...there truly is NO way you can lose. 

I LOVE to see how far +hard I can push my body and mind!! 

Need help? I'd love to help in any way I can! I believe my results have truly been because of my lifting program and nutrition guide! If you are looking for help figuring out what's best for you (in a natural, healthy way) shoot me an emailšŸ‘‰šŸ¼

I want to help YOU find your strong and your healthy! 

Live Sown with Strength my loves! 
xx Courtney

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