Made with Strength {marriage}: Directions

Friday, 29 January 2016

Last week we were making our way home after a long day roaming the streets of Vienna. Tiredness weighed on us, but we perked ourselves up with a dose of coffee and took to the road.
Superman drove a van of about 8 of us, and a smaller car of 3 tailed us. He set the google maps up while on wifi and as long as we stayed the course we had directions home. If we deviated, our google maps would not be able to correct us because it was not using data.
I was given the duty of navigator. We didn't get two feet from the parking structure before our first miscommunication. Frustrated I just tossed the phone to him in surrender. I sat in a pile of anguish at how something so trivial such as directions could be so divisive. And that's exactly how it felt. He was against me, and genuinely didn't think I was smart enough to figure out a dumb map; pft.
{Let's be real; directions will put ANY couple to the test. Through in weary souls, a foreign country and no wifi and you definitely have a recipe for disaster.}
But as I sat there, trying to exercise any sense of self control over my boiling temper and self-righteous attitude THAT I WAS RIGHT, God whispered in the darkness, slicing through the silence of the car of 8 people who had witness our eruption with each other. He gently reminded me of my role as a wife.
EVEN when I feel wronged, EVEN when I'm tired, EVEN when he gets angry with me, EVEN if the last thing I want to do is give grace.
I have been called to submit; To offer support when I want to say "FINE, you're on your own"... To lend a hand when I'd rather nurse my ego... To extend GRACE when I feel farthest from resembling Jesus...
I'm called to submit; to encourage, support, love, give grace, and BE THERE FOR and WITH him as he makes the final decisions for us. 
EVEN in directions; EVEN if I'm 110% sure I'm right.
THIS is a godly woman. THIS is the wife described in "he who finds a wife finds a good thing" and "she brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life" (proverbs 31: 12). 
THIS is honoring my husband and showing outsiders, showing the world HOW to love as Christ loves. It is VITAL to our marriage testimony to BRING HIM GOOD all the days of my life. 
It is what sets us apart.
My deepest desire is to prove in action and word that I respect and honor my husband ESPECIALLY above myself. 
Lord, may you produce the fruit of self-control in my life as a wife. May you help me tap into the power dwelling within me in the form of the Holy Spirit so that I can live out the truth of a Proverbs 31 wife. Help me to pause, say a prayer, and try again; over and over so that grace + love win EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Directions are a great witness to the power of Jesus in your marriage. Let Jesus Shine...

Live Sown with Strength Sister-wives,
xo Courtney

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  1. Hi Courtney. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your heart through this blog. Your posts have really encouraged and inspired me. I enjoy following all of your fun traveling adventures! I love traveling as well and dream of visiting more places! I am not married, but I have learned so much from you and appreciate the encouragement you continually provide for us single girls! Thanks for letting God use you, it is a blessing to so many! <3