Let's be the 29 Percenters!

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Today I learned that 71% of people HATE what they do!! 😱 Woah!! When my eyes and heart soaked in that stat, my heart just plummeted. AND then I read the next stat...over the course of a 50 year working-life 35% of your total waking hours are spent AT work!! 35% of someone's life lived awake is spent doing something they don't like!! Wow! Does that blow your mind like it did mine?? I hope so! I hope it makes you stop, think and ask WHY you're doing YOUR job! I did, and I realized how truly blessed I am. And maybe you love your job too when you really think about it- and I'm SO happy we share that in common. BUT if you just stopped and identified with that 71% who's unhappy with their work life, I want to challenge you to explore that farther... 

WHY do you dislike your job? 
Is it money related? Do you feel you don't earn as much as you offer in value + time to your company? 

Is it time? Do you want more time with your kids? Your husband? Your dog? Your friends? Traveling? 

Is it your health? Does your health take a back seat because you're trying just to get through the work day? 

What about lack of zeal or passion? Are you daydreaming about a hobby or a passion of yours while at the office doing a job completely underrated? 

That was me. Ive worked every possible industry and my last job was in the corporate office, getting work done by showing up, putting hours in and walking away with a check that just barely covered my bills. I had no passion, no time for my (then) fiancé, and I was constantly daydreaming about the lives of fitness gurus like @kayla_itsines and @laurengleisberg imagining how COOL it would be to do what they do! It was this moment where I saw the truth: I needed to make a change. So I took a leap of faith to quit my job and pursue a passion-filled life full time. I've never looked back and I've also never been more satisfied with my daily work + purpose than I am now. 

Today, i work much less than 40 hour work weeks but I'm seeing crazy return financially on my time invested in my job! I get to be home, move my schedule to suit our family FIRST and ultimately invest more of my 35% into my biggest passions + priorities: 

1. My husband
2. My relationship with Jesus
3. My family
4. Fitness + Health

Where are you at? Which stat will you be in 2016?? 

Join the Movement to be the 29% who RAVE about their job because it truly is THAT good💕 Message me today and let's chat about how to change YOUR statistics and make you a thrived not a survivor!! sownwithstrength@gmail.com

PS if you're unsure if YOU can be a fitness coach, scroll down to my previous post and watch that video ;) 

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