Confessions of a Christian Fitness Coach: No Competition in the Kingdom

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

"Do nothing out of rivalry or vain conceit, but in all things consider others better than yourself" (Philippians 2:3)

We were 45 minutes into our branding consultation and she looked at me and said, "no competition in the Kingdom, there's enough likes to go around for all of us". My pen paused, I looked up from my notes.


Of all the other incredible branding advice and techniques Kelsey equipped me with, I know above all God intended for me to hear THAT statement louder than the others. It ricocheted in the outer walls of my soul before making hitting it's mark in the deepest parts of my soul until gripping the soil like an anchor.

It was the beginning of a revolution within my soul, within my heart. Spreading like a beautiful vine on a trellis... covering the cracks and the empty space of my heart. This simple statement was profound.

I was created for the Kingdom. I was created to have Kingdom vision and focus with my heart, my life, my work, my relationships... EVERYTHING. If I'm withholding, coveting, hoarding, or focusing on selfish gain, I'm hurting the Kingdom. I'm preventing God's hand of blessing to pour forth in my life because I'm busy clenching my fists over what I've already been given preventing opportunity to receive more. Whereas if I freely give what I've been given to others, I allow the Lord to continue putting new blessings + provision into my hands. 

I didn't become a fitness coach to focus on myself. I became a coach because I could help OTHERS. I could pay my experience, my story, my gifts, my passions, my wisdom FORWARD to others. Because there is one thing I'm sure of: my life is not my own. That means when I say "my" story, "my" gifts, "my" passions, "my" wisdom... I really mean His. 

He is my Creator. He is my Giver. He is my Provider. 

What He puts in my hands, I'm given personal responsibility to give GENEROUSLY to others. 
My gifts, 
My knowledge, 
My platform, 
My experience, 
My story, 
My friends, 
My passions. 

Generosity is not my first or second or even third language. It doesn't come natural, it's not easy. It's actually painful for me; it's a fight between flesh and soul to lay down my life and take up my cross. 

Because would I rather hold on to what's been given me and feed off of it for selfish gain? Yes. 
Would I rather succeed over others? Shamefully, yes. 
Do I get jealous of other's success or potential success? Sigh, yes. 
Do I worry about losing my own opportunity to be an influencer for the Kingdom? Yes. 

I'm being real. I'm being raw. This is the truth. I can't hide it away in the corners of my soul any longer. This is the shameful darkness within that was flushed out into the light just yesterday, in such 

Here's the beauty... God replaces my heart of stone and gives me a heart of flesh. 
He gives me:
NEW desires
NEW ambitions
NEW gifts/provisions. 

He CHANGES me; HE gives me the strength + change of heart to CHOOSE others over myself. To CHOOSE their success above my own. 

This is what I want to focus on in the year of 2016. I want to focus on generosity. 
To give what I've been given. 
To truly adopt an attitude of others over myself. 
To become more focused on building into the kingdom, than building up myself. 
To transform from un-generous, to generous. 
To lay down my crown. 
To exchange the temporary for the eternal. 

Jesus + others > me. 

Reality Check: 
There are enough likes, followers, collaborations, products, etc for all of us. 
There is NO competition in the Kingdom of God. 
There is enough provision in the Hand of God for all of us to succeed well. 

If God called you, He'll equip you. 
If God gave you vision, He'll fulfill it. 
If God gave you gifts, He'll use them. 
Your story is unique. 
Your life is for purpose. 

Finding my way of living sown with strength, 


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