Plant Based 3 Day Cleanse: Day 1 Recap

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Staring in the mirror, I couldn't look past the bulge. My stomach protruded out in a small, hard pouch. An irritated sigh escaped my lips. I racked my brain trying to remember what foods I had eaten and what the cause was for the bloating. Traces of the food choices I had been making floated across my memory. I nodded my head in agreement, I was not fueling my body well. Something needed to change.

My team was beginning a 21 Day Fitness + Nutrition Challenge starting on Dec. 1. I thought to myself, if I'm REALLY going to change, change needs to happen now. Fears of past came crawling up... "you've failed before"... "you've never been able to truly stick to something"... "you don't have any self-control".... "you're not like them".... "you're not as good as them".... "they have what you don't"..... "you won't make it".... "you'll give up again".... "you hate restriction".... "you will binge if you try"....

Oh the demons...

Taunting you. Discouraging you. Dimming your fire. Beating your fight. Selfishly limiting you.

I put my hand down firm, and bellowed back to them... "NOT this time. This time I will be victorious".

Just like that day 1 began. Yesterday was day 1. Today is day 2. I haven't stopped yet. I haven't failed yet. I haven't given up or binged yet. And the beauty is I have no desire too.

So what's the shift?

It's both spiritual + mental. I'm currently reading a book by Lysa Terkeurst called "Made to Crave". I sit myself down and read a chapter or two. The pages are flowing with with anchors for my heart. This woman has walked a similar journey. She knows what it's like to live in defeat; and rose from the ashes victorious. She teaches me to do the same. She gives me scripture and encourages me that yesterday is not today; today is different; today is made for victory. Slowly, I begin to believe. Change is taking root within my soul, and I BELIEVE that I'm capable! Mentally, I'm growing in stature + strength because my soul is being nourished with belief. The battle is within. Feed the right side, and you will see victory.

So how is my Superfoods cleanse going so far?

AMAZING today! Not so amazing yesterday... here is my honest feedback!

Yesterday arrived late. We had stayed up late the night before and so the morning passed by while I was still sleeping. This threw my whole schedule for eating off. But I tried my very best nonetheless.. so here is my feedback post day 1:
1. I felt great starting the day
2. Early evening I was cranky
3. I was hungry because I mixed up my eating schedule and actually didn't get enough nutrients in (this is preventable- I just messed it up)
4. No problem with my am Shake
5. The am Fiber Shake was a bit thicker to put back but has a great lemon zest to it, so I didn't mind the texture.
6. The lunch Refresh shake was NOT good... however, this is 100% my fault for putting the wrong combo together. You are meant to mix it with a fruit and/or veggie. I just did blueberries and the taste was awful! (Update: today's mix was WAY better when I chose a banana instead ;)
7. No workout, too cranky
8. Day 2 beginning- felt good and light! Also crushed a morning workout and haven't felt cranky or hungry yet (halfway through day 2 at this point).
9. My husband's meals looked better
10. I ate peanuts (not on the approved list- but that's as bad as I behaved so count it up as a win!)

So what is the 411 on this cleanse?

What is it?
It is a 3 day Superfoods-based cleanse consistenting of three daily shakes, a fiber drink, TONS of water, plus a wide array of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats throughout the day to keep your energy and metabolism going.

Why do it?
For some, the 3-day Refresh cleanse is a way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle- to make a clean break from eating habits that are not supporting your health and weight-loss goals. Others do the cleanse as a monthly "tune-up" where they can use to knock off up to 3 pounds or so each month. (Monthly is only advised if you have significant weight to lose). It is a great way to kickstart your health journey back into motion if you've been mis-nourishing your body and lacking in exercise. For me, I personally do it to recalibrate my body. As I mentioned above, I'm not very good at self-control. So I needed to break from some bad behavior/patterns and start fresh with a cleansed body heading into my 21 day challenge.

Who is it for?
Anyone who is looking to kick start their health, tune-up or dial-in on their nutrition, break bad habits, weight loss.

When should you do it?
This is really up to you! For me, I prefer to use it RIGHT before kicking off a new fitness program. This ensures my mind and body are in alignment and headed strongly toward my goals. It can be done monthly for those needing significant weight loss or quarterly for those trying to recalibrate their bodies back into nourishment.

How much does it cost?
Completely depends on your goals!! There are many options- ranging from $30-250. Something for everyone :)

How do I order it?
Super simple! Just shoot me an email with "3 day Refresh" in the subject line and we can chat about your goals and the options available to you!

I hope you learned something new and will consider how well you've been sown with strength to overcome those nay-sayers in your head. You are as strong as you say you are!

Live in Strength,
Coach Courtney

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  1. i loved how you challenged your self and clean all the toxins from your body. it really motivated me towards fitness and healthy lifestyle.