A Fairytale Love Story: Part 3

Monday, 28 December 2015

Pic I captured of the sunset right after my run on this day

I inhaled and exhaled little clouds of brisk winter air as my feet ran in tune to the waves crashing just yards below me.

My favorite place.

It was the tail end of winter, but it was So Cal. Enough sunshine to see me through a "brisk" winter run along the coast.

It was February 13th, 2014.
This was me. This was my life. And I LOVED it. Deeply.

My mind pushed my body one last block and I slowed down. I began to walk as the sunset caught my attention. I stopped to stretch behind the onlookers and simply stared in awe just like everyone else. You couldn't help but stop, and stare. MY GOD, the beauty of the sky + sea was captivating. I wanted to run around, jump, cheer, clap enthusiastically, grab the people around me, shake them saying that is my God while I pointed to where the orangest yellow with bright hues of rainbow sat in still motion over the ocean's endless edge. MY GOD. As I watched the scene take place, I got sad. It felt like a secret that only I knew, and that was devastating. I shouldn't be the only one who knew who created our sunsets, and I shouldn't be the only one rejoicing over the artistry of her Creator. But I felt alone. Terribly alone. Despite the joy, contentment and passion of observing the gorgeous sky in all it's beauty, I couldn't help but desire something greater... someone to share it with, someone to marvel at life's grandeur, to ask questions about our Creator, and to push me to share who my Jesus is to the onlookers in my life.

As I walked back to my parked car, I thought about the way God was moving in my life. I had an amazing job working for my church in the Children's Ministry. With it, I was growing my leadership skills, and being reminded daily of God's grace through some incredible itty-bitty, little faces. Kids' have so much to offer, and I find it breath-takingly beautiful! I had an amazing community who loved on me, supported me, included me and breathed life into me. I had so much. God was doing so much.

But I wanted more. I craved more. I believed God, and I believed He created me for even more than this.

I wanted to travel the world, fall in love, have babies, work from home, pay off my student loans, get my Master's, build a dream house, have a dog or two and share life... you know... the typical fairytale lifestyle! So why did those things seem so far away? Just as that thought came to mind, so did the conversation I had with my dad  and the promise I made a couple months earlier. My heart settled back into a slower rhythm. God knew the desires of my heart. God knew my big dreams. God promised, and wouldn't leave it unfulfilled. I promised to wait on him, and if it took a year of solo runs or FIVE years.. I would wait; it was time to grow in faith... to learn how to be sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).

Forty-five minutes later, I was walking inside my house. My phone screen lit up and I looked down as I filled the blender for my post-workout smoothie.

"@joshduinker wants to follow you"

As the words stared back at me, my soul stirred. The faintest of whispers "this is him" were breathed over my soul. I froze. Him who?? Hello? God?? The response was an echo of before: "this is him". Okay.... but him who? What does that mean? Deep down I knew. I knew what God was saying to me. I wanted to believe, but my heart was incapable of so great a faith. So I brushed off the whisper.

I slide open my lock screen and clicked on the profile of @joshduinker. Scrolling down his feed I saw a number of action shots of a tall, muscular man wearing an orange basketball uniform scripture captioning each photo. My heart literally stopped, then dropped to the floor.


My mind was turning, but I had absolutely NO idea. It looked like he was playing basketball overseas, and he obviously loved God. But what?! Like how on earth did he find me?? WHY did he ask to follow me?? Question after question screeched across my mind as my blender was left half-filled and forgotten.

My fingers raced across his profile taking everything in. Memorizing each photo and soaking in each of his words captioning them. After a thorough stalking, I gathered this much:

  • I had no idea who this man was
  • He was REALLY good-looking (swoon)
  • He was from Australia (double swoon)
  • He played basketball (tripple swoon)
  • He loved Jesus (quadrople swoon)
  • and he followed me (EEEEEK!!!!)
Was he single? NO clue.
Did he follow me on purpose? NO idea.
Was I going to accept his follow request? HECK yes.
Was I going to follow him back? YOU better believe it.

I clicked on the green accept check mark to allow his follow request, then I jumped back to his page and hit follow. My heart was beating through my chest, and as I headed to shower, all I could think about was a man halfway across the world, who I had never met... Josh Duinker.

To be continued...

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Live Sown with Strength Friends!
xx Court

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